Thursday, September 07, 2006

Julia's Best Friend

Julia has a number of friends at church but her most favorite friend is James Daniel. He is a few months older than her but they absolutely love playing together. It will be a happy day when Julia turns 3 and is able to once again go to the same class as James Daniel on Sundays.

Last night at church they played air hockey together and then danced in the gameroom during praise and worship. When it was time to say good-bye they hugged and hugged and Julia gave him a big kiss on his cheek. Good thing Daddy didn't see that! =) They will get to play together every Wednesday now that James Daniel's parents, Cathy and J.D., are helping us with youth. Wednesdays are just so much more fun now. =)

Labor Day with Papaw

Sunday afternoon found us driving to Midland with rainy skies and somewhat cooler weather. Papaw isn't doing well so we went to visit over Labor Day. We stayed at Mimi and Papaw's house - Julia thought that was great fun since Mimi has an enormous doll collection. It was a bitter-sweet trip since Papaw was so sick. He wasn't breathing well so John helped his dad get Papaw in the car and they took him to the emergency room. They admitted him to the hospital and he was doing better by the time we left on Monday evening. His pnemonia was making him feel so much worse than he already did.

Right now, in Midland, John is joining in with Matthew, Sandy, and Mimi as they have a consultation with the Doctor. They said on Tuesday that they were almost certain the cancer has spread to his lungs but we should know for sure after this morning. We love you Papaw....