Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All My Babies

Well, here they are - all three of my babies. I took this picture in our front yard after church on Sunday. Aren't they cute??? (Am I allowed to say that?) =)

My Dream Come True

Ok, it's not really my dream come true but I have to admit that I did get pretty emotional at the grand opening of our beloved new Walmart Supercenter. We already had one here but on October 18th they opened the doors of a second one right down the road from our house. It's sooooo wonderful! Rumors of this store had been around for quite awhile and when ground was finally broken it was exciting - but nothing beat the excitement of finding out when opening day was! I was there when they opened the doors for the very first time and I tried to hide my tears of happiness. I know - I really need to get a life. =)

Rock the Pumpkin

Last Tuesday we had our annual Rock the Pumpkin at church. The kids had been looking forward to this night for a very long time. They spent a good portion of the night in the bounce house jumping their little hearts away but we did lots of other stuff too. They played games, ate candy, went on a pony ride, ate cotton candy and hot dogs (notice how Julia ate hers), and saw lots of friends. It was a fun night!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Play Time with Daddy

The kids LOVE playing with Daddy after dinner and here's a couple of pictures of them playing football one night. It's pretty comical to watch John trying to explain the rules to them. I guess they'll get it one day. =)

The Lone Bean

One night recently I cooked green beans for dinner. The table was all set and the food was ready too. We were just waiting for John to finish washing up from work and then sit down. Julia decided to help serve the food and this is what she put on each plate. It really amused me and I just had to take a picture. I really need to get a life, don't I?

John David's 6th Birthday

October 28th was John David's 6th birthday and since John was going to be in Dallas for Bible Quiz, we decided to make a family trip out of it. We stayed at the Holiday Inn and ordered room service breakfast. The kids thought that was so cool!

After getting dressed we joined John at Trinity for quiz. I didn't stay long with the girls but John David wanted to stay with Daddy. That night we ate at Don Pablos and they sang Happy Birthday to him. We gave him a game called Piranha Panic that he really wanted. In the picture of John David and John on the floor they were trying to make the best piranha face to see who would go first. John David won.

A few days after his birthday, John David told me he would be able to do something when he turned six (I can't remember what!). Anyway, I reminded him that he was already six. He was frustrated and said that he wasn't bigger and stronger so I explained that we grow gradually every day. He thought for just a second and then he crossed his arms and declared, "Well, I guess I'm just going to be a midget!" What a funny little guy. =)