Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet Hadley

After being married for 13 years, John and I finally decided it was time to get a puppy. I had been searching for a couple of months to find the right dog for our family. I scoured spca sites, ebay, breeder sites, and craigslist. I had my heart set on a golden doodle until I realized we would have to sell one of our kids to afford one of those! So I kept looking.

I figured I would know the right one when I saw it. We wanted a golden colored dog, not too big but not tiny. Soft hair that doesn't shed. Cuddly and smart and not hyper. Nothing too expensive. I wanted a dog that looked like a teddy bear. I saw one a couple of years ago and was never able to figure out what kind it was.

 And then one day, as I was again searching Craigslist, I saw a poorly written post that seemed promising. John and I made the drive to the other side of Houston and we were smitten! We arranged to pick up our little guy once we returned from Jamaica. We told the kids we had a prize for them and they assumed they were getting more little Jamaica souvenirs. I secretly picked up the puppy and then put a ribbon on him and placed him in our suitcase. John led the kids in....

They were very surprised! And happy!

Introducing Hadley!

John David has declared that Hadley loves him second best after me. 

Julia and John David both do really great with him 
and I don't have to worry about them hurting him. 

See the blob of black fur on the right? That's Phantom, John's parents' cocker spaniel. He and Hadley get along fine. Nothing cute and cuddly like sleeping side by side, but no barking and fighting either. Phantom likes to think he's too cool, but I think he'll come around. 

Every night everybody gets "Hadley time" when I tuck them in. They love to tell him good night. 

He looks like another stuffed animal. 

Is it just me, or do they resemble one another in this picture?

Boo and Hadley. My heart is about to explode! 

**I promise I comb my kids' hair. They were at a bounce house place all afternoon right before these pictures! =)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dodie!

Today is a special day!

One of our most favorite people in the 
whole world was born on August 1st.

He is funny, sweet, hairy, silly, smart, and at some point in his life even earned the nickname "Mr. Wonderful".

And it's true! He is wonderful! 

If he was here I would make him a coconut pie. 
And of course he would get lots of good back scratching. 
We love you, Dodie! SOOOOO much!