Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Family's Growing!

Hahaha.....I bet you were thinking something else when you read the post title, huh? =)

John's youngest brother Zach is getting married in December. We are so happy for him and proud of him too! I "met" Chelsea for the first time yesterday over the phone and I already love her. She and Zach met through Bible Quiz (hey, that sounds familiar!) and, after only being an official couple for a few weeks, he proposed. When you know, you know!

I'm looking forward to having another sister, being an aunt (no, no baby yet but I'm counting on it!), and finally not having to scout girls for Zach. Just kidding (kind of) on the last one.

Welcome to the Sullivan circus, Chelsea! ;) Woohoo!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Julia's Kindergarten Graduation

It was almost two months ago but here it is! Graduation was on Thursday night, May 27th, 2010. What a wonderful kindergarten year!

Julia with her teacher, Mrs. Jamie

Sitting at her kindergarten table one last time

During the ceremony

Daddy and his girl

Reciting Psalm 23 during the ceremony

There was a prayer at the end and when we peeked up at her, Julia had her hands like this.

Julia with her friends, Faith and Emily

That's my girl!

(videos to be added in later.....)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tea House in Tulsa (AKA Julia's Kissing Spree)

One day in Tulsa, the girls all dressed up and went to a tea house for lunch. It was an old house turned into a tea room - so cute and quaint! And picture perfect! I didn't get to take near as many shots as I would have liked, plus it was hot, but as my kids often say, "Take what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

"Gran, I'll kiss you like this all you want if we get to keep having delicious tea parties!"

This cracks me up - look at the hold Julia has on Aulora and the look on Aulora's face is great.

Aunt Kara is loved!

Can you tell which girl this is? Most guess Aulora.....but it's Julia.

Mimi with Julia and Aulora
(finally....a picture where Julia isn't trying to kiss someone!)

Pretty Boo!

Gran and the kids - uh, Joshua, what are you doing?

Aulora gets in on the action

Mimi and Aulora

Mimi and Aulora....again

"I refuse to sit still and pose for a picture at a tea house!"

Mommy gets in a shot!

I love these babies

I really feel that I need a big white porch swing now.
(Then again, maybe a porch first.)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Sullivan Family Portraits

Thank you Gran and D for the wonderful pictures!!!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Colorado Part 4 - The Royal Gorge

During our time in Colorado Springs we rode the train through the Royal Gorge. It was fun to see the rafters along our way! We also walked down to the dining car where we bought some corn dogs and other healthy things. ;) It was not so much fun trying to order and carry all our food in a narrow train car with four kids and other passengers trying to walk by. We probably should have eaten beforehand. Live and learn.

This is a shot of part of the long water line that was built by hand by prisoners back in the early 1900's. They dug through the mountain by hand and it took them years to finish (wish I could remember how long exactly). There were 30 prisoners who either died or escaped during the project - no one knows what happened to them. The water line was used until the 1970's.