Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mother of Five and Other Tidbits

Yep, four wasn't hard enough so I got me another one. =) Just kidding. Kind of. Sandy's cousin's son (got that?) is staying here for awhile and while we are not solely responsible for him at all, we are his authority many times. He's 12 years old and he's a big guy going into the 7th grade. Think big, not teeny tiny junior higher.

It's been hard to keep all the kids entertained and happy. The boys would probably play video games all day if I let them, but I don't. Sooooo, the fun begins. Of course, John David wants to be with his cousin non-stop and his cousin (being the all so grown-up age of 12) wants to be left alone much of the time. I get it - my 7 year old and 4 year old are annoying (what little kids aren't in large doses?), but this is where we live. And much of the time Joshua or Aulora are sleeping so I can't just tell the older ones to go to their room. This is a big house but we're busting at the seems here. It's made for lots of fun [insert sarcastic smile here].

The HAPPY news is that in 5 days we'll be on our way to Colorado for our summer visit. Yea!!! Cooler weather, yummy food, fun stuff to do, my good ol' dog Pudge and cat Poppy, and of course MY FAMILY! Yes, happy news indeed. =) My parents are flying to Oklahoma city to help me and the kids fly back to Colorado with them. John is interning at the court of appeals now and there was no way I could fly with all 4 kids by myself! Can you even imagine?

On a totally different note: I had a momma bear moment today. I walked away before I turned full-on bear fortunately. Someone hurt my boy intentionally - twice within a short period of time. Ooohhhhh, I was hot. Still not quite over that one! I totally get those people who go after criminals who have harmed or killed their own children. I always have but even more so after today. I can honestly say that it would only be God's strength that could keep me from seeking retaliation on someone if they did something to one of my babies. It's just an animal instinct. My heart still beats faster when I think about what happened today. M-A-D. That's what I was. And that's what I'm trying not to be.

We found a house that we are interested in for the coming year. It's a fixer-upper for sure but nothing major. It's probably too premature to even mention it since we've only seen all the pictures online and then gone over in person to look through windows and stuff. We have to find out all the comps for sure, but I think we could do ok. It would be a great place to live for a year and then give us a nice small profit when we sell. "When we sell" would be the key though. I'm kind of apprehensive to buy a house that we would have to sell so soon with the market being what it is currently. The area is a desired one though and I do have confidence in our ability to make the house itself very desirable. So before we head to Colorado I plan to check into it further. We just absolutely can't stand the thought of renting for a year and never seeing that money again. And as wonderful as John's parents have been to let us stay with them, I really need our own place again. I'm a homemaker. It's what I do. And it's been more than challenging for me to live where I don't have complete rule over all things related to keeping a house. Plus, the kids tend to be more boisterous the more people are around and there are certainly more people around here. It's amazing how relaxing it is when it's just me and the kids in the house. Wow. But, when it comes down to it, I'll do whatever God will have us do. It's not like we're living in a shelter or something. This is a beautiful home filled with wonderful family. There are good days and there are difficult days. I choose to be content whatever the situation. Moving on.....

Am I the only person out there addicted to the game Bejeweled? How dumb. It's the only game that came on my new Palm Treo (I never mentioned that did I? Yep, I was blessed with an awesome new phone!). I've gotten really good at the game and although John usually is better at any given game than me, he is not better at this one. He claims it's because he has a life and doesn't sit around playing all the time. I love it that he thinks that's what I do. Yeah Baby, I'm playing Bejeweled ALL DAY LONG so I can beat you and yet, somehow, all of your laundry is magically washed, your dinner is cooked, and your four little ankle biter children are cared for. Not to mention that I am dressed and have my hair curled and my make-up on. Just let me have this one game that I'm better at. We'll all be happier. =)

So much talk of exercising and getting healthy is going around these days. Our church here is doing "Choose to Loose". It's a competition based on "The Biggest Loser" and the winner gets some huge spa package. I didn't sign up for several reasons, the biggest being that we're going to be gone during the month of July. Clay is doing it though and so is Matt. They are really dropping the pounds, let me tell you. Matt and a friend went for a run tonight (a three mile run) and when they came back they were still alive. They made it seem easy. So easy, in fact, that I decided I could do that. I want to lose that weight too!

So when all of the kids were finally in bed I put on the only shoes I have that are even close to running shoes (slip on Sketchers - haha!) and went out. I'm not a good judge of how much is a mile, but I'd be willing to bet my sweaty shirt that at most I did half a mile. I just had to stop though! My knees were hurting and, well, I'll just stop this sentence now before I embarrass myself (probably too late for that). So I'm thinking that if I buy some fancy running shoes and then get some nice cushy white socks to wear with them that I would probably do better. Because I am in perfect shape. It's not me, it's the shoes. Most definitely the shoes......

I'm off to play Bejeweled.

My Little Birds

I forgot to post this a few weeks ago when it happened. We were having a snack and when my back was turned I heard John David start laughing. Of course, I quickly turned around to see what was up. He said, "Hahahaha! I fed Aulora like a baby bird. I chewed up my food and then fed it to her! I regurgitated!" What could I do but laugh?

Friday, June 27, 2008


We are sooo living the summer life right now! It's just me and the 3 younger kids and we're loving it! No schedule, nowhere we have to go, no getting dressed unless we feel like it. It's awesome! Pretty much all the girls have done this morning is watch cartoons, play toys, and eat pop tarts and cheetos. Yes, life is grand.

(No, we won't continue this destructive behavior. Not to worry. Everyone comes home tomorrow and life returns to normal. We're just living it up while we can!)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Reason I Do This Blog Thing

This afternoon Julia spent a good hour or so looking at this blog. I read posts to her for about 20 minutes but before and after that she just scrolled through looking at all the pictures and videos. Both of the kids LOVE to look back at old pictures and hear the stories. I just love that we will have such a detailed account of their lives! It really makes me happy. =)

Here's my girl loving the water with Daddy...

Blog Clarification

Ok, I don't know if my post was incredibly unclear or if my dad is a total goofball. At any rate, I felt the need to offer this clarification of my post titled "I'm Not Proud".

I did not hide behind a lounge chair and go potty. The puddle on the ground is from Aulora's wet swimming suit. I sat on the wrong end of the chair and it caused the other end to fly up in the air while Joshua and I were sent quickly to the ground against the fence. My poor mom was horrified when my dad told her I couldn't make it to the bathroom on time so I hid behind the chair and went. She was so relieved to hear what actually happened. While I would not put it past myself to not make it to the bathroom in time, I certainly wouldn't hide behind a chair and go. I would at least go in the pool. And I would most certainly not post it on my blog.

Are you happy, Mom?

Just kidding about going in the pool. =)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My big boys are gone as of this morning. I packed 'em up and shipped 'em out to camp. John David was super excited, John was less so, and I am unashamedly glad for the break. Not a break from them, but a break that goes along with having everyone at home. Also gone to camp are Clay and Sandy and our 12 year old cousin that's been staying here lately. Again, not really needing a break from them so much as just a vacation from being cook and cleaner for that many people.

I realized not long ago that I have an annoying mixture of personalities for my kids at this stage. John David is an aggravator (according to my computer that's a made-up word but whatever) and Julia is a shrieker/screamer/crier. You wouldn't believe what a difference it makes to have those two separated! The quietness is amazing. I even took a 15 minute catnap on the couch while holding Julia today. Heaven!

So while I'm a little apprehensive about my baby boy being away at camp for the first time, I am one happy little camper myself. =)

Just Be Glad These Blogs Don't Have a Scratch 'n' Sniff Feature

Monday evening John took the kids to the firework stand his brother is running. Before they left, he came back in the house to demand why ask if I had left a dirty diaper in the van. I told him I didn't think I had, but he was doubtful because of an intensely nasty smell aroma that was, well, quite overwhelming. I chalked it up to his being a man and figured even if I had left a diaper in the van, it wasn't that bad. Later that night he said they figured out that Julia had left her cup of milk in there and that was the source of the odor. Milk removed, problem solved - we thought.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning when it was time for swimming lessons. I opened the door to the van and almost fell over. That SMELL was so strong! I quickly discovered that the smell was not the milk after all but rather Julia's swimming towel from the day before. Apparently, a wet towel can get moldy smelling really quick when it's left in the sweltering heat of a locked up van during a Texas summer. I took it out, hoping the smell would follow. It didn't.

We used Febreeze. Smell still there. We rolled down windows and drove around and left them down overnight. Smell STILL there. Gross. Gross. Gross.

Church is in just a little while. If I am met by that aroma again I might just have to gag. Suggestions for getting rid of it? Baking soda or kitty litter maybe?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Julia's Potty Game

If you have read my blog at all then you know that Julia has potty issues. It's made for lots of child-rearing excitement. A little too much if you ask me. I figured out quite awhile back that if I make a game or contest out of using the potty, there are a lot fewer messes to clean up.

The easiest game by far that I've come up with is counting. I say, "Julia, it's time to go potty. I think I'm going to win to-daayyyyy!" The moment I start counting she runs to the potty and tries to start going by the time I get to five. She pretty much always beats me but even if she doesn't she tells me to start over counting so she can win. As soon as I hear the sound of sweet victory, I say "Oh, man!" (in a Dora the Explorer Swiper kind of voice). It's silly but it works.

I always tell her I really want to win and she always tells me no way. Then about a month or two ago she began to tell me that she would let me win on Father's Day. Every morning she reminded me that I couldn't win until Father's Day. I started to get a little nervous wondering if, once Father's Day rolled around, our little game would no longer do the trick. I was envisioning my 4 1/2 year old in diapers again. I was imagining checking out at Walmart with diapers for three children and not just two. (just two - haha - like that's cheap.)

Father's Day rolled around and she was true to her word. I did indeed get to win! It was kind of fun, I have to admit. (Yes, I'm that competitive. I enjoyed beating my little girl in a tee-tee race.)

The next morning was what I was worried about though. I'm happy to report that my fears were not realized. She went right back to beating me and it's still our silly little game. Whew! [wipe forehead.]

Ju---liaaaaaa! 1---------2----------3------------4-----------55555555!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Not Proud

Nope, sure not. How could I be if I'm posting these pictures??? Hey, you weren't there - you would have done it too! Thanks to my honey for taking picture before helping me up. Isn't he the best? And yes, this is at a public pool. Yes, there were other people all around. And no, I am NOT that big. I just happened to sit on the wrong end. Really....

Further Proof My Children are Monkeys

At least she's on the potty, right?

Uh-oh. Busted.

Hmmm....I have an idea.....

Aulooooo-raaaaaaa! Come here to Jupie!

Gotcha! Hahahaha!

The Icing on the Cake

Remember that really hairy day I had about a week ago? (Shame on you for not remembering every detail of my life. I forgive you. Read this post if you are so bored you want to relive the excitement again.) Anyway, I forgot to mention this. Aulora found a permanent marker that day and wanted to have some body art. It's finally gone after about a week. I'm just thankful it didn't get on the bedspreads or furniture.

Mommy Rule: Don't keep permanent markers in your purse........or on the counter, or in the desk, or in the top of the cabinet, or in the safe, or, well - crud. I guess you just can't have a permanent marker anymore.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

You know you're a mommy when.....

you can get ready on a Sunday morning in 30 minutes flat. Hair, make-up, dress, jewelry - everything. I wish I had learned this skill before having kids. I would have gotten so much more sleep!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Makes Julia Happy

We read a Care Bears book tonight (well, the girls and I did - John David would never participate in such an activity) and the first page said to close your eyes and think of something that makes you happy. Do you know what makes Julia happy?

Sitting under a tree with Mommy and my friends
while we play with barbies and eat cupcakes.

I wonder how different her answer will be in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? Sweet girl....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goose Bumps at the Pool

Who ever heard of being COLD at a swimming lesson during the SUMMER in TEXAS??? Hmmm....I guess I shouldn't complain.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aulora the Fish

We took Aulora and Joshua swimming today with the other kids. It's not an effortless thing to take that many children swimming, let me tell you. Fortunately, John David is now a good swimmer and Julia does great with a life jacket on. That still left Aulora and Joshua.

Joshua had trouble deciding at first what he thought about the water. I think he decided he could take it or leave it. Aulora fell asleep on Daddy's back as he was just staying really still in the water but I splashed a little water on her to wake her up. Once she was awake and Daddy started playing with her she had a ball. She was fearless! Daddy threw her up over and over again and would let her go under the water when she came down and she was in heaven! She would hold on to the side of the pool and dunk her face under the water too. It shouldn't be long before she's swimming around in a life jacket like Julia.

I got some pictures and video from today but it will have to wait until I'm not so swamped. Right now, I'm kind of thinking that won't happen until school starts again! I know I'm a clean freak at heart still, but when I look around I start to doubt it. Busy + Small living quarters + 4 kids + tired mommy = a little messy! Most days I do still make the beds and the bathroom stays pretty clean. It's just all the stuff. I can't keep up and I'm busy making summertime memories. I'm pretty sure my kids won't remember having a messy house for a couple of months but they are sure going to remember their fun (I hope!) Mommy!

Real Girls

This morning, as soon as Julia woke up, she wanted to play with her barbie dolls. I got out the containers and she was happy as could be. It wasn't too long before she came to me and wanted help changing one of the dolls outfits. We got the dress off and while I was getting the new outfit ready to put on, Julia held up that barbie and said, "What?!? This barbie doesn't even have a stomach! That's ridiculous! Real girls don't look like that! Real girls have tummies." She proudly showed me her tummy at that point. Of course, I seized the moment to reinforce what she had already pointed out all on her own and to tell her, once again, that God had made her just perfect. Silly ol' Barbie......

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Test and, uh-oh, that girl is still awake?!?

He did good. Well, he thinks he did anyway. We don't find out his score for 3 weeks and he has only 6 days to cancel the score if he wants to (I said it wrong in my previous post.) So without knowing his score, he has to decide if he wants to keep it. Understandably, he's a little frustrated. But yea for doing good!!!

----Uh, this post is being interrupted. Julia is awake. It's midnight and I said goodnight to them LONG and never heard another peep. She has been awake ALL of this time! Oh my goodness. She's wearing my makeup. I'm afraid to go see what other messes await me. I may need to buy some chains tomorrow at Home Depot to keep her bobo in her bed! This is just ridiculous. She's had no nap and she went swimming twice and played outside most of the late afternoon. How can she NOT BE ASLEEP?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Living at the Pool

Whew! I just got back from the pool for the third time today! Two swimming lessons this morning and then a trip for fun this afternoon. I'm pooped.

John David went off a diving board for the first time today. It seems like every day the boy is doing something new for the first time. He's at an age where he can finally do so many more things. It's such fun to watch (and a little sad too). He went off the diving board over and over and over again. He had a blast!

Julia wore a life jacket and swam back and forth in the not so deep part most of the time. Every few feet she would wave to me and call out, "Mommy!" I would wave back to her and smile and clap. When she reached the end she would get out and run over to ask if she did good and if she was fast. So adorable.

They both enjoyed having their cousin with us too. He's 12 years old and is from Arkansas. He is going to go to camp with John David next week so he and his mom came in a week early to visit. John David hasn't stopped following him around. Poor guy!

We might go again tomorrow and take Aulora too. I just wasn't sure if I could handle both girls by myself today since the pool doesn't allow floaties, but since they had life jackets I think I can do it. So the house isn't quite so clean today and the laundry needs to be done and Aulora still has pigtails from yesterday, but we're busy making some memories. Who really cares? =)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I love you, Daddy

I only got to talk to my dad for a couple of minutes today. I was, of all things on father's day, at a birthday party at an arcade kind of place. It was so noisy and chaotic - not the best surroundings for a meaningful phone call. I told him I'd call later, but later never came as I was swallowed by the busyness that comes with four young kids, company, dinner, and bedtime. And even though he's an hour earlier than I am, when I was finally able to call, I was pretty sure he was sound asleep. I hope he didn't go to sleep thinking about how his little girl didn't call him back. She wanted to.

Dad, I know you're not perfect, but that doesn't bother me. It makes me love you more. You are so special to me and always will be. I love how you can make me laugh and I love how the littlest things can make you cry. I love it that I can depend on you still even though I'm almost 30 years old and have my own kids. You have been so supportive and generous. You are wonderful! We have lots of fun when we're together and I can't wait to come see you in a few weeks. Wish we could have been together on this Father's Day. I love you!!! Lala

June 16th is finally here

June 16th is a day we've been waiting on for months now. Anything and everything that I want to do or have done has been promised to me for the day after June 16th. Why? The LSAT test is tomorrow. John has been working and studying and going to prep classes for what seems like FOREVER to prepare for this test. It's a huge thing if you're going to go to law school - as in, if you don't do well on this test, you don't go to law school, huge. And how well you do totally determines which law school you can go to. And which school you go to greatly affects your career once you're done. So you can see why this test is SO big.

I asked him tonight if he was nervous. He said no. He sat at the dining room table reading over the instructions for the day of the test again. He gathered all of his #2 pencils, his id, some other important papers, and a snack and put them all in a big ziplock bag like the instructions said. He wanted his back rubbed next. I'm not too good at that but I did my best. I hugged him really super tight and said good night as he left for his grandma's house where he's hoping to get a good, uninterrupted night's sleep. Now he's gone and I have butterflies for him. This is BIG.

Life has just been so difficult lately and this test is a big step towards where we're going - towards where we've been called to go. In one year's time we'll be packing up and starting the next big chapter of our lives. It feels like everything is and has been on hold since we moved here. Not having your own house or a job will do that to you! But once the LSAT is over we'll have a job again (law school won't start until fall of '09) and soon our own place I think.

During the month of July John will actually be interning at the court of appeals in Eastland. That's the court that's handling the Eldorado case now, so it will be great experience. He's really excited about it and it will look good on his school applications too. What's even better is that while he's doing that, the kids and I will be in Colorado with my family! Yea!!!

If he feels like he hasn't done well on the test tomorrow, he has up to 3 weeks to cancel his score without it going on his record. (They don't just take your highest score.) He would then take the test again in September. I'm really praying that he does well tomorrow - we're ready to have our daddy back!!! I am confident though. If anyone can do it, my man can.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I thought I should warn you.....

the next post is long, tiring, a bit whiny and negative, and makes it sound like I don't like being a mommy. Don't worry, I do. If you don't want to read it, that's ok. BUT, it will probably serve as great birth control for the rest of you! hehehe

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Quit

Ok, not really, BUT today has been one of those days that make a momma feel like resigning. I'm trying to think of an entertaining way to write all that's happened but, honestly, I'm just too stinkin' worn out! Here's a run down of the last day (keep in mind that I have been single parenting since Monday as Daddy's been gone for classes - his last week....YEA! - and the grandparents are gone for Sandy's shoulder surgery - it was today and it went good):

  • Since everyone else is gone, I got to take care of not just my children but the dogs as well. I got up at 6:30 to put them out. Then I fed Joshua. Then Aulora woke up and I got her a bottle of milk. Next I fed the dogs and put them out again. All the kids were asleep at this point but it was time to get dressed. I had to wake them up! Never mind "never wake a sleeping baby". We had a playdate!
  • The playdate was fun - no complaints on that one! It was wonderful company and the kids enjoyed getting out of the house. I'm sad my friend is moving in less than a month though. =( So I guess that's the gripe on this bullet.
  • I got the girls ready to go to ballet but somebody squealed or screamed - don't remember which - and it scared the poo out of poor little Joshua and he wouldn't stop hollering and crying for the next 25 minutes. It was too late for ballet by then.
  • I woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain - childbirth kind. That was fun.
  • At some point this morning, Julia went potty and forgot to lock the baby proof lock back to keep Aulora out of the bathroom (at least she went in the toilet, right?). I didn't know the door wasn't locked so I thought Aulora was just playing in their bedroom as I nursed Joshua to sleep. (I bet you can see where this is going.) I soon discovered that precious little child having quite a fun time in the potty. There was soggy toilet paper everywhere and she was sopping wet. I was not thrilled. If I had only had my camera to capture the look on her face as she was being corrected. She does not get a rebellious or defiant look at all when she's in trouble. She looks down in absolute shame. It's just so adorable it's hard to not squeeze her and laugh.
  • As a result of the potty party, I put both girls in the bathtub downstairs to get clean. I decided to clean the bathroom while they played in the tub. It's a huge bathroom so it was a VERY long bath! What a productive hour that was though.
  • Aulora needed a second bath after eating pizza for lunch. (I'm not saying she got one, just that she needed one.)
  • We went to church early since I was filling in for Sandy. I finally got smart and took the double stroller in to use. It's a big building and their classes are not close together. That was one of the smartest ideas I've had in a long time. Yea for the big stroller!
  • After church Julia got in the van first. I was getting the babies out of the stroller when she starting hollering for me. "Mommy, I've got to go potty!!!" I was panic stricken because if you know Julia you know that you don't have more than about 10 seconds to get to a potty. I searched the van for a cup but couldn't find one. I looked over and saw that Aulora was holding her sippy cup in the stroller. I ran and grabbed it and dumped the juice out but it was too late. Julia had already peed all over her booster seat. (Crud. That reminds me that it's still sitting out in the car and I have to wash it. Boo.)
  • Joshua was screaming because it was past his bedtime.
  • Julia was crying because she had to sit on the van seat with a bare bottom and it still felt wet from the wipey I used to clean it up.
  • Aulora was crying because she didn't like all the other crying.
  • John David was fake crying because he's just annoying that way.
  • I wasn't crying only because if I started I knew I might never stop!
  • We stopped at Sonic to grab dinner.
  • Julia got out of her seat belt and crawled to the way back, in the process showing everyone at Sonic her nakedness.
  • Joshua spit up on himself and me.
  • We pulled in the driveway and as I'm trying to get them all out and in the house the fancy neighbor lady walks over to talk. Julia chose that exact moment to hop out of the car naked.
  • Dinner actually went well because we were all so hungry. No good stories here.
  • The dogs pooped and peed upstairs while we were gone. Don't know why but they did.
  • Aulora sneaked out of the bedroom while we were brushing teeth and went downstairs where she climbed on the table and got a cup of sprite. It spilled all over her pajamas and the floor. I took her pj's and diaper off and set her a few feet away so I could wipe up the spill. She took that opportunity to pee on the floor.
  • FINALLY, I got them all in bed, walked out, and closed the door behind me. Now I'm here, reliving all of the crazy moments of the day. I'm not quite laughing about them yet, but I am feeling a little bit better. Sorry you had to endure this horrible long post - that's assuming that anyone is actually still reading. That's highly doubtful.......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


For anyone wondering how to make donuts, this is how we did it (and yes, I'm sure there are lots of ways to do this but this is the easy, no frills way we do it): You take a can of biscuit dough (we use Pillsbury Grands) and cut each biscuit into fourths. Shape them into balls and fry them in a cooking pan of oil until they are golden brown. Afterwards you can dip in honey, roll in powdered sugar, roll in cinnamon and sugar, make a glaze from powdered sugar and milk, or whatever else floats your boat. One can will make plenty for one round of donuts.

Be sure to call me when you make them so I can come over and test to see if you did a good job. I wouldn't want anyone to suffer through yucky donuts by themselves. =)

Better a Cup than the Floor

I sent Julia upstairs to go potty after we got home today from a play date. I guess she's just not stimulated enough and has to make her own fun, because instead of sitting on the potty she peed in a cup. That's right - a cup. A little dixie bathroom cup! She was very pleased with herself. I finally figured out that she did it because she thought that I had peed in a water bottle! She saw what was left from some crystal light tea (the kind where you pour the packet in the water bottle) and she was convinced it was tee-tee. I guess she thought it looked exciting.

When that girl moves out one day, I'm going to take one VERY long nap and sigh one VERY big sigh of relief. Oh, I'll miss her for sure, but goodness, I'm going to be TIRED!!!

Aulora is a Junkie....

a diaper wipe junkie that is. The child LOVES those things and I can't keep the container full for anything. She likes to clean herself, wash her dollies, use them for little blankets for her babies, and so many other things. If she's ever being fussy in the car I can give her a wipey and she will usually calm down. I really don't have too many places to put things that are out of her reach (especially since she is climbing now!) so they are disappearing extra fast these days. Sigh.....

Monday, June 09, 2008

I still remember.....

.....when I was in first grade and my mom made homemade donuts for us. She made them more than just this one time, but for some reason, I specifically remember that night. We lived in Tempe, Arizona in a 2 bedroom apartment. I don't know think it was any special occasion which made the donuts even better! I happened to think about those donuts today and decided that my own children needed to have some.

After a quick dinner at McDonald's, (yes, we're so very healthy, I know) I led them all into Walmart and got what we needed. We made one batch already and I'm about to go make the rest. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! John David was quite impressed with my donut making skills. I have to admit - they are pretty good. Of course, I'm only eating them so I can make a memory with my kids. It has nothing to do with how they taste. Nothing at all.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Julia the Teacher

This is Julia playing school. She is the teacher and her toys are the students. She was teaching them the alphabet and I'm pretty sure she was singing it wrong. I think she only messed up because she knew she was on video since she never messes up her abc's.....

New at Walmart

Dippin' Dots! They're a different brand (can't remember the name) but they're the same. They come in individual serving size and only cost about $.98. That's only a third of the cost at the mall! Yea!


My swim suit shopping trip was mostly a bust. I went to Kohl's and they were just too picked over. I did come home with 2 top pieces and one set, but I'm going to take them all back. I just can't spend that kind of money on stuff I don't even like that much.

I decided during all that trying on process that I must tan my legs. My arms aren't a problem - they're already a nice shade, but my legs. Whoa, Nellie! I'm pretty sure my bottom half will look a million times better when sunglasses aren't a necessity to look at them.

So since I didn't get a swimming suit that I'm going to actually keep, Daddy took the oldest two swimming while I stayed at home with the two nappers. You'll pleased to know that I took advantage of that time to sit on a chair in the driveway with only my legs in the sun. I think they were too white for it to do any good though. The sun reflected off of my legs because they are so white. You think I'm kidding. Do you hear me laughing?

Mommy Rule: It is always risky business to take your children who are old enough to talk into dressing rooms with you. Trust me.

What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon.....

I'm going swimming suit shopping. Right now. I could take a nap or browse Ebay or read a book or clean or, or, or ANYTHING......but I'm going swimming suit shopping. Bleh.

By the way, I haven't yet decided which way to go - modern with a fat show or old lady skirt that hides it all. It's like choosing how you're going to die. It's all painful - I'm just trying to choose the least painful one. =)

Friday, June 06, 2008

I thought it would be berry good. How wrong I was.....

There's a new kind of Listerine out for kids now - I don't remember what it's actually called, but maybe you've seen the commercials for it. After brushing, you use this rinse and then when you spit it out you look in the sink and there will be proof that it works - dark colored little particles from what you missed brushing (or something like that). It looked fun and I figured healthy teeth are always a good investment so I bought some today at good ol' Wally World. There were only two flavors to choose from. Mint and Berry. It was a no brainer decision as I excitedly tossed the berry flavor into the basket.

Fast forward several hours to the bedtime ritual tonight. I played it up and they happily agreed to try it. I instructed them on the correct way to swish and spit and explained that it needed to be for 60 seconds. For a moment I thought they would both back out as they gazed into their little white cups I had poured the pink stuff in, but when I said "go", they opened their little mouths and in it went.

Exactly 2.5 seconds later, the water was turned on full blast and they were spewing that stuff out like it was castor oil. They just couldn't spit enough. Over and over they filled their little white cups with water and swished and spit, trying to get that "gross" taste out of their mouths. It was pretty ridiculous, let me tell you.

I tried. I lost. Oh well.

Tonight when they asked for a story about when I was little (this is a nightly occurrence and they do not let up until I have recalled at least a couple of exciting childhood tales), I told them about my own fluoride rinse memories. I attended a medium size Christian school for most of my elementary years in Arizona and once a week a lady came in with a tray full of small white cups. Each white cup had a measured amount of fluoride in it. I remember it was green and fluoride-ish tasting. (Imagine that - fluoride that tasted like fluoride). After all the cups were passed out, she would say go and we would have to swish our green stuff for 30 seconds. I have vivid memories of watching the second hand clock of our big white and black classroom clock go slowly around. When the time was up, we would spit the fluoride back into our cup and the lady would walk around with the tray and collect all the used cups. (What a glamorous job that poor woman had.) I don't know why, but I always kind of liked the fluoride swishing time each week. It was exciting for some strange reason. Maybe I just enjoyed a break from reciting the times tables. Who knows.

Not surprisingly, the kids asked for a different story when this one was over. "Don't you have an exciting one? Or a scary one???" This has been going on for a while now. Pretty soon I'm going to have to start making stuff up. But really, what's wrong with a good fluoride story?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh the Memories

We didn't have endless nights of marathon human video practice for fine arts this year, but tonight I started practice with a group of elementary kids for "The Devil is Bad" video! And we thought junior high was hard. Whew! I'm tired. It was fun though.....

Julia on May 31, 2008

It was a windy day and she wanted to go inside to eat frosted flakes. I did the best I could, given the circumstances. =)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I did a double take when I saw this at a steakhouse a couple of weeks ago.........

I wonder what the girls in the other stalls though I was taking a picture of?

No, She's Still Julia Julia Julia the Destroyer......

A couple of nights ago, Julia was having an especially hard time going to sleep and staying in bed. (The emphasis would be on especially, since almost every night is a struggle with her.) She got up several times needing to tell me "just one thing". I put an end to it (ha) and finished some work on the computer and relaxed for a while longer. It got late, I was tired, and I knew I had a couple of loads of towels to fold sitting on my bed. I opened my bedroom door (where Joshua was already sleeping in his bed) to find :

One little girl spread out across my bed - which, in case you were wondering, was most certainly made before she got in it and messed it up.

Four crayons neatly broken in half and placed on the bathroom counter.

Fifty-four beads arranged in Julia's next new necklace design.

Five library books out of their basket and two loads of clean laundry spread across my floor and the bed.

You can imagine my excitement, I'm sure. Without a doubt, her little behind would have had some action if she had been awake.

Extrememe Makeover

How could I forget to mention that my precious little angels gave me a makeover tonight??? Story time was over and they were giving me my hugs and kisses when they suddenly decided they wanted to give me a "monster makeover". Let's face it, it was after 10:00 at night and I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, so I was already looking "monsterish" without their help.....but hey, it's all about the kids so I let them have their fun. I really should have taken a picture of the new look but like I already mentioned, I was TIRED. They gave me bows and jewelry and a new hairdo and a sword and perfume. Quite the little ensemble. They were giggling their little bobos off. It was so stinkin' cute! (Them, not me.)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Summer Plans, Swimming Suit Blues, Roller Skatin' Fool

Today we were finally able to have a summer kind of day. I've had at least one sick kid constantly since school has been out until today! Bleh. Julia had a fever of almost 104 last week, poor baby.

You'd think with all that staying at home and not going anywhere because of being contagious, I would have at least been thinking up a plan of fun things to do once everyone was well. But alas, I am not that smart. So tonight I have been quite disappointed to find that many of the really cool summer programs for John David are full. I want to take the kids swimming a lot, but that's going to be kind of hard unless I can find a pool that has a kiddie area. The pools that I've found so far don't have that and they also don't allow any kind of floaties - just life jackets. That's no good for us. PLUS, you can't take in your own food and drinks!

And of course, there's the swimsuit dilemma. As in, I don't have one. If there's any one thing I deplore shopping for, it would have to be a bathing suit. Do I a) go for the skirted one that covers up more of me but ages me 15 or 20 years? Or do I b) get a really cool looking, more modern suit that may will most definitely show just how badly I need to go on a diet? OR c) Just wear an extra large long black tee shirt over whatever old swimming suit I can find on the clearance rack? I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Some things we want to do here in town this summer:
  • train museum
  • butterfly conservatory
  • pick blackberries at the farm and/or go to the farmer's market
  • castaway cove water park
  • Kell House Museum (an old house - think plantation style - that's still furnished and in tact)
  • picnic at the park
  • swim swim swim
  • ride the trolley around town
Now I just have to figure out how to add these things in to the normal everyday things like cooking, shopping, cleaning, bathing (ok, I admit it, bathing is not an everyday thing here. there's just not always time! we have lots of washcloth baths before bedtime.).

Tonight I cooked mickey mouse spaghetti (mickey shaped pasta!) and we ate outside. Then we played for a long time. John David got some roller skates today so he was rolling around on those while the girls played with the riding toys. That boy wore his skates all afternoon and night until I made him take them off for bedtime. He was so cute! He's really gotten pretty good at it too. It's just amazing how many things he's learning in such a short period of time. I should also mention that he's now playing the piano. He seems to really enjoy sitting down and practicing his songs. I'll put a video up soon.........