Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Stolen Moment for a Stolen Signal

We've yet to get our internet connected, but John found that there are certain spots where we can pick up one of our neighbor's signals plus all the kids are entertained for the moment so I'm checking in! 

We're no longer swimming in boxes and although not decorated and totally organized, the house is mostly set up. Things will get much better when the basement is completed in a week or two. SO excited about that! If for nothing else, then to have some carpet to walk on - hardwood floors everywhere is a big adjustment. They sure are pretty though. 

We've met a few of our neighbors here and they are all so nice - lots of families with kids our age. Two families even brought us homemade goodies to welcome us! I've always wanted neighbors like that! 

On Friday we're going over to Chicago to hang out for a few days with my parents. So much fun to be had in that great city!

My moment is over.....hopefully we'll have our own internet soon.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tips from up North

Here's my first post from up North - kind of weird! So far, it's wonderful. The weather reminds me of being in Hawaii - don't hate me all of you who are reading this in 110 degree weather. I'm pretty sure it will all even out once winter sets in. Texans will be enjoying beautiful 60 and 70 degree days while we're too frozen to open the door and get the mail! In fact, if my posting stops in a few months, some of you should come up with some ice picks and snow shovels and help a girl out! =)

I drove up with the girls on Saturday and Sunday and the trip went great. My best tip for traveling a really long distance with little kids? (Other than movies - that just goes without saying!) Buy a giant lollipop and let them lick away to their little hearts' content. Obviously, if your kid eats these all the time it's not a big deal, but if it's a rarity then it works like a charm. Aulora even fell asleep in the middle of licking hers. It was stuck on her forehead and every time I tried to pry it out of her hands she would wake up and grab it back. It was too funny!

We closed on our house yesterday (!!!) and here's a tip for when you go to your own closing: make sure you have a valid driver's license. It was near disaster as they realized that mine had expired on my birthday. I had just been waiting to renew until we moved and never thought about needing a valid one! Turns out the exact wording on their form didn't say the word "valid" so it was okay. Everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief. Only me, right?

I still love our new house, but now that the other people have moved out and all their stuff is gone, I'm noticing lots of things I didn't before. Plus, it's pretty clear that this house hasn't had a good top to bottom cleaning in a long time - things like baseboards and shelves are covered in dust, dirt, and cobwebs. So, since I seem to be full of tips today, here's a tip for selling a house: put it on the market while your things are still there - it keeps people from seeing flaws. Realtors tell you that people want to see the house empty, a "clean slate" they say, but they need to see it staged with furniture in it. It makes a big difference!

Well, I suppose I'll conclude this post since I'm now out of tips. ;) 

Oh wait, here's one more tip: Do not ever stay at Super 8 hotel in Cuba, Missouri. Just take my word for it........

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Man Surprised Me!!!

Next Thursday is our 10 anniversary and John surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas! We went early since he will be working this week. He didn't tell me we were going until a few hours before we had to go to the airport (which is probably good since I would have spent a lot of money shopping for new clothes if I had known!). He did take me the night before to buy a new dress for somewhere special we were going to go, but that was all he told me at the time.

We flew first class and then got to choose which car we wanted when we got there. We decided on an orangy red convertable - which is NOT close to Longhorn orange at all, John would want me to add! It was so much fun just to drive around with the top down and the sun shining down on us. And then going down the strip at night was great! We got to see three shows while we were there - two Cirque De Soile shows and The Blue Man Group. First night was "Ka". Our seats weren't the best and I was super tired so this wasn't my favorite, but it was still amazing. The next night was "O". All I can say about this one is WOW!!! It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen and words cannot describe it! I don't have any pictures since we weren't allowed to take any. =(
We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, hence the sign in the background.....

Look who we ran into while we were there!

And then there was good ol' George W.

I had such a nice visit with him. I think he really appreciated all of my brilliant political insight.

Not to be outdone, John had a little sit down with Abe.

Can you feel the love tonight???

Can you believe how lucky we were to meet all of these people?

Tiger thought John really has potential.

This picture showcases my husband's amazing photography skills.

Here's another examply of his skill. According to him, when the flash is too bright you just reach up and cover it up with your hands. Impressive, huh?

He better be glad he took one more shot of this one! This really is one of the guys from the Blue Man Group! We loved their show - if you ever get a chance to go, GO! It's so unique and entertaining and funny. It was worth staying up late for.

This is John purchasing the Blue Man tickets. I was standing off to the side hyperventilating.

See, I told you - they're exciting!

Those eyes are a little disturbing at first.

John David was impressed with this next one.
I refused to do this picture, so John jumped right in. Funny man.

They could pass for twins, don't you think?!? =)

Thanks, Baby, for such a fun trip! I'll always remember all the fun and, more importantly, all the years of togetherness this trip was in honor of. I love you! I love being with you when we're all together, but I especially adore spending time with just you. You will always be my bestest and favoritist friend! Love from your La.......

Catch Up With Pictures

I don't want to get too behind on picture posting, so here is a very random assortment of pictures from the last couple of months.....
Did everyone go to Chickfila on Friday night dressed as a cow to get some free chicken? We sure did! Our cow get-ups may have been ghetto (uh, we used duck tape), but we had fun and got free food. Works for me!

These were some friends we went with. Sorry, but these cows wish to remain anonymous. =)

Here's Daddy Cow along with two Kid Cows.

Aulora was not a very happy cow when this picture was taken. Can't remember why. I'm sure we were mistreating her in some way or another.

Julia was especially proud of her rainbow cow.

And then there was our Fourth of July celebration. The day started out very rainy and I thought my plans were ruined. The kids thought it was great fun, however, to play in the mud and the puddles out back (I've got funny pictures for that but they're on my other camera.) and then later on Daddy put out the new slip'n'slide. They all had SO much fun, but it did mean that we got cleaned up just in time for fireworks. All that to say, please excuse the messy hair. The kids were fresh out of the tub!

I was showing Aulora how to do a Sparkler. It was dropping hot ashes on me though - ouch!

Here's the drama queen in one of her favorite poses. (crud - I chose the thumbnail with her eyes closed. arghhhh.)

Those two monkeys raced over and over again.

Ummmm, hello? Can anyone look at the camera???

I just think this picture is hilarious. Sorry.

Joshua was the judge - check out that big diaper! Pretty soon after this picture was taken, we just took it off. Much cuter that way.

This is the back of the valentine's mailbox John David made.

And here's the front of his robot box. I loved it and thought he was so creative! Hopefully, his romantic side will kick in better one day. =)

This is one of the last breakfasts I made at our house in WF. It was good! I actually brought this to John in bed. He told me I should take a picture. You don't have to tell me twice!

I know I posted video of Joshua's first haircut, but I never put any of the pictures up.

It was apparently a horrendous thing to endure.

This is our family (minus Joshua who was with a sitter) when we went to see The Lion King in Oklahoma City. We had seen it before when John David was almost 2 and we wanted the other kids to see it! We went with Clay, Sandy, and Mimi.

This picture should be framed to go over the new mantel. For sure.

This is the best picture I have to show Julia's missing two bottom teeth. Her big teeth have already come in a lot now so it's hardly even noticeable. I'm glad I got this shot when I did.

Julia and Gran at dinner before the show.

Julia's preschool class hosted a special Mother's Day breakfast for the moms. It was really sweet!
Later tonight I'll be posting about the surprise I got for our 10th anniversary! =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Same Song, Second Verse, Could Get Better.....

.....but it's getting worse!

Obviously, my kids are competing in some contest I know not of. I'm actually wondering what the name of the competion might be.

I'm sure Aulora's cocktail drink is still fresh on everyone's mind, but Joshua was not to be outdone.

The next day, as we were playing in the backyard, he must have gotten hungry. He picked up dog poop (the ONE piece I managed to miss when I de-pooped the yard!) and stuck the whole thing in his mouth! He didn't seem to mind the taste too much. I wonder if he thought it tasted like cheesecake?

Surely my kids aren't the only ones doing this stuff. ARE THEY???

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sonic (UN)-Happy Hour

I drove up to the Tulsa area a couple of days ago with just John David. My in-laws already had the other three kids and John was to join us later. So me and my boy hit the road and Momma didn't want to stop.

But then John David had to go to the bathroom. And he's not really one to give much notice. Plus, we were in the middle of nowhere. Plus, there was road construction. Plus, there were no exits.

And he really had to go.

So, being the Momma that I am, I handed him my mostly empty Sonic cup with careful instructions of what to do while I slowed to about 50 on the highway.

All went well and life was good. We arrived at the grandparents' house and had a happy reunion with the younger three. We hugged and played in the front yard and we were all smiles.

But then John David needed somthing out of the car.

(Can you see where this is going already???)

He opened the door and while he was getting whatever he needed, Aulora decided she too needed to get in the van. Now, I promise I was watching my kids - really I was, but my brain was obviously not operating at full capicity. I was a little too slow to stop her as she lifted the very "used" Sonic cup to her lips and took a swig from the straw.

Oh the horror. So. Totally. GROSS!!!

I was grabbing the cup away by now, but that poor baby had the worst look on her face and was gagging and couging and saying in the most pathetic way - "I don't like it!"

You know what though? The next day we went to The Cheesecake Factory and she asked for a bite of my turtle cheesecake. I gave her a bite and she had the exact same reaction as when she drank pee. Seriously.

That made me feel a little better at least. =)