Friday, September 23, 2011

The Price to Pay

When your 10 year old is finally able to do the yard work it's great! Until you walk out and find a chunk of your beloved vines missing. In his defense, it is very difficult to get the mower through that section to the back yard. Bummer.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waffles...and My Son

John David loves to eat.

All the time.

The end.

Just kidding. There's more. But that could very well be a post on it's own, because the boy does love to eat so much. This morning he passed over the cereal and toast that everyone else was having and decided to make some waffles in the toaster. I went into the kitchen for something and noticed that he poured syrup first and then smeared on some butter. So already he was demonstrating a rather poor sense of order. I let it go until he was moving to put the syrupy, buttery knife back into the butter container.

Baby, that's gross. Please don't.

Why is that gross??

It just is. Don't.

I went out of the kitchen. The next time I came back in it got better.

I forgot to put one of my waffles in the toaster.

Are you eating it frozen?

No. I went ahead and put it in the toaster.

With the syrup and butter all over it??

Yes, wh---Ohhhhhh. Oops......

So my 12 year old toaster (we got it as a wedding present!) now has a pool of syrup and butter at the bottom of it.

I just love boys.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


My husband, good man that he is, has again informed me that I need to update my beloved blog. He's right, I know. It's just that life is so all consuming right now. I'm trusting that it will slow down a little very soon (please Lord!!), but for now I'm keeping my head above water.

Homeschooling is not horribly difficult (not yet anyway), but it is time consuming. We had kind of gotten the hang of things and then we started our Classical Conversations program on Wednesday. LOVED it, but it was additional work plus being gone for the day. PLUS, Wednesday church classes for the kids started back too, so Wednesday was packed.

Overall I'm still in love with homeschooling, but at the end of the day I'm left wondering when I will ever get my house clean (when all the kids have graduated??), what am I cooking for dinner (oh for loads of money to hire a chef!), and when do I get to just sit on the couch and watch television/read/relax/update my blog? The weekends have been very key in keeping order around here. That's when I'm getting some cleaning and grocery shopping done.

The kicker here lately is the fact that we're flying out this week for my brother's wedding in Texas. Packing for five people (John does his own packing thankfully!) is a killer. These are the times I seriously consider the Duggar family's way of dressing. Red shirts and denim for everyone today, blue shirts and denim for everyone tomorrow, and so on. How much simpler would that be?

As far as the wedding goes, despite the torturous task of packing, we're so very excited! My wonderful parents made sure we had plane tickets so there wasn't a crazy long road trip. We're going to be seeing so many old friends and lots of family we haven't seen in too long. And of course there's the part about getting to watch my baby brother marry the sweetest girl ever. I'm getting a new sister!!! Her name is Cali and there will be plenty of pictures later, I'm sure. I can't to get so many bear hugs from them both!

When we return I need to post about:
  • Aulora's birthday party
  • John David is now a Bible Quizzer (my kid can quote 6, nearly 7, chapters of Hebrews - can yours?!?)
  • The most ridiculous ND football game experience ever
  • Our homeschool hutch from good old craig
  • reviews for ipad/ipod apps for kids
  • some book recommendations I've been meaning to get to
I'm sure there is much more but that's what my brain is coming up with for now. I also need to empty my Flip camera as well as my Nikon. Maybe there's some jewels in there. Who knows.....

Boo is Five

There are not words to say how deeply we love our Boo. The best kisses in the world, or sugars as we call them, are straight from her little lips. You have been blessed if you've ever seen her dance. You surely smiled if you have ever listened to her sing. Her names are many - Boo, Haulorta, Gaulora, Gaulorta, The Babe, Boozie, Booey Toots. She is loved by all!

Happy Birthday, Boo!!!

We threw her a party last weekend and pictures of that will come later when I have access to them....

Friday, September 02, 2011

Don't Worry, Joshua.... at Walmart wears me out too.