Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Sith Sense

Check out this super cool site - it'll blow you away and it's fun! (You have to copy and paste the link into your browser.....)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Baby Girl

Here's our newest little Sullivan Baby. We had a special 3D sonogram done today and it was like looking right at her. Her arm is on the left side of the picture covering part of her face. She would never move her arm entirely out of the way. She now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and is still due around October 8th. I'm more in love now than ever.....

Thursday, July 06, 2006

John David's First Fish

While we were in Wichita Falls for Granny's 100th birthday party, John David got to go fishing for the first time. He loved it! Gran and D have a big pond across from their house and a family friend took John David fishing. He was out fishing in his pajamas before I was ever even up and dressed. He can't wait until he gets to go fishing again and he really wants his own fishing pole now!

A Few Words From Our Self-Proclaimed "Modern Man"

John David says, "I ate at Burger King today and I tried to follow an ice cream truck I saw driving down the road but I missed the truck. I should have stopped that truck from going but it will come back real soon and I will destroy that ice cream truck with a knife and a fork! At Burger King I got a Superman toy fan. I thought it would shoot that disc on it but it didn't because it was actually a fan. But I decided to use it and pretend it's a blower to blow people away and shoot Superman disc bullets.

I finally "beat the clock" with JBQ and earned my prize that I really wanted so badly! My prize is a light-up toy for my mouth. I can turn it off and on with my teeth.

And I played Zelda and tried to follow my daddy's instructions on how to beat the bad guy on Zelda and tried to go back to the cave to defeat him but Daddy said he left the cave and went back to the city. Now I need my Daddy's help. That's all........"

Dress Up Queen

Julia loves to play dress-up and this is what she came out of her closet wearing tonight. I'm on the lookout for a dress-up chest for both John David and Julia because they both LOVE to wear costumes and they have a lot of them already. =)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our Newest Dance

Well, it's potty training time at our house again and so our newest dance we do is called "The Tee-Tee Dance". So far we've done this dance 3 times which I suppose isn't too bad since we just started yesterday morning. We were going to be here at home all week long while John and Steve were at nationals so I thought we should try to get a good start. After all, this has to be done soon because we do NOT want 2 kids in diapers. =) The picture is when Julia sat on her potty for the first time, which was actually a couple of months ago. It's just taken me awhile to get going.....