Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Disney Land!

Our whirlwind trip to California is over and we are now recovered! We spent Thursday traveling to DFW and then flying to California - we didn't get to our hotel room until about 2am Central time. Friday night was John's graduation and that was a proud moment! We're all glad he's done with school for now - he finally has a little more time. =) After graduation we all went to a restaurant called Northwoods along with the Collins family, John's old friend from Bible Quiz and his wife and kids. Northwoods was a strange place at best, with horrible service! I've never been somewhere so expensive yet so undesirable! If you ever happen to see one still in business, keep on driving down the road.

Saturday we all went to Disneyland. I think the day would have been better if we had let Julia sleep in longer, because she was one fussy child. She definitely had many moments of happiness, but she was fussy in between all those moments. =) In retrospect, there were lots of things we didn't do there that I'm sad about. But overall, we still did LOTS of fun stuff! One of my favorite moments was taking the kids to the Playhouse Disney show. It was so wonderful to see their faces light up whenever they saw a different character. We were right up front so it was awesome! Julia jumped up and down almost the whole time. John David was more mature and reserved, but I know he loved it too.

We didn't get to see Mickey and Minnie and at the end of the day, Julia kept saying, "Mickey...Minnie....Where are you???" We did see Goofy, Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Hercules, JoJo, Goliath, and Mulan. It was great!

I'm not sure how many churros we all ate or how many miles we walked but we sure made some great memories. Could our kids have been any happier - Disneyland with all their grandparents? Anything they wanted was theirs! =)

I still love Disneyland and I can't wait to go back again. I guess we'll have to go in about 3 more years with baby #3!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Our Silly Girl, Julia

I just had to share this moment with everyone. This was a few weeks ago now. I had been doing some housework in another room for awhile and while I was working I kept hearing Sesame Street music. I figured John had just put a video on for Julia. When I came back to the living room I found John and Julia listening to a Sesame Street CD on a little CD player and they were both singing all the words as best as they could. It was the cutest thing ever. Julia was really belting it out - she loves Sesame Street!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Quick Update....

Just a quick post to say that we had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend in Dallas. Fine Arts was great and our human video group did advance as well as Eowyn's children's sermon. Everything else was close but didn't advance.
It was nice to not have to come home on Saturday night but to stay longer in Dallas instead. We got to spend wonderful time with Davus and Biggie and even Jeremy too. They took the kids to Six Flags while we had Fine Arts and then when we were together we hung out and went to Pappasitos (where I froze to death and we had the new waiter from H*ll!) On Monday we ate at Spring Creek (where Jeremy bathed in BBQ sauce) and then went to Chuckey Cheese for the kids. It was a wonderful time that went to quickly. =( We at least get to all be together again for John's graduation next weekend.
After we left Dallas to go to Wichita Falls for a quick visit with John's family and the Curtis family. It was good to get to see all of them too. We didn't leave there until after midnight though so we got home and in bed at almost 5 in the morning! The kids at least slept the whole way so I got to sleep most of the way too.
Ok, off to run an errand and then make some dinner for my man. More later....=)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My 3 Babies

Today isn't the first time I've felt our newest little one moving around but today I have felt moving over and over. It's fun to think about what that baby is doing in there. John David talked through my belly button a couple of mornings ago. He said, "Hello in there! Who are you? Are you a boy or a girl? I'm John David, your big brother!" Then he blew big rasberries on my belly. It was so sweet.

Right now, he's hugging Julia and telling me she is his baby. Now he's giving her a piggy back ride but it's not going to last long - she's choking him. =) He likes to ask her if she loves her Bubba or if she thinks Bubba is cool. Usually, Julia will hug and kiss him and say yes. It's such a sweet thing to watch them love each other.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

John David's Day (according to him)

"I woke up in my mommy and daddy's bed and I was aghast by the cool sound of cool mail prizes I found and had so many cool presents that my Grandma and Grandpa gave me. When I ate my Sponge Bob cookie this morning, I opened my markers. When mommy opened the wrapper on my cookie, it broke and she made me cry. She said, "I'm very sorry that I broke it!" And then we fixed it and I ate it and that was my lucky day.

Earlier we went to Sam's and ate pizza for lunch. And then it was my big whole lucky day because we're already having so much fun. After Sam's, we went to Walmart and we bought presents for Alyson's birthday - she's going to be 3. Then she'll be in J.A.M.! That's when she'll be in J.A.M."