Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lots to Post

I've got tons to post, pictures and all, but I have no time! This is birthday season for us right now, which means we've stepped it up from "super busy" to "running-around-like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-off-busy".

So I apologize, but all postings will have to wait for now. =)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mystery Solved (I hope!)

Well, after some serious thinking and pondering and staring long and hard at that calendar, I think I finally cracked the code.

At first I thought it stood for "pumpkin patch" and that I had accidentally written it on the wrong day, but that couldn't be it because the words "pumpkin patch" were already on last Thursday's square. Hmmmm....

But then, I noticed that above the mysterious "p.p.", it said "Aulora - wear messy clothes". Oh yeah! Aulora's class is going to "paint pumpkins"! But why the time 9:30-10:30? That still didn't make sense.

More thinking and eye squinting led me to believe that it must stand for "pumpkin presentation". Julia's teacher is carving a pumpkin in front of all the kids from 9:30-10:30 on Thursday and talking about how it is like Jesus' love for us. They sent home a paper letting us know about it and inviting us to come if we wanted.

What a code cracker I am. Clearly, I'm the next Sherlock Holmes.

Mystery Appointment

I keep a calendar by my desk that is vital to our family's existence. Every engagement, appointment, responsibility, and bill that needs to be paid is on this calendar.

I looked over my week this morning and noticed that on Thursday, from 9:30-10:30, I have written "P.P.". What is that??? I obviously thought I would know what those initials meant when I wrote them, but I don't.

This is not good. I really, and I mean really, need to figure out what that means! Any ideas?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

In case you were wondering....

.....what John is doing today, he's driving the band MercyMe around town. Yep, I'm at home with my hair in a bun and doing laundry and cooking hamburger helper (really, I am) and he's hanging out with a famous music group. Some people have all the luck.....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Aulora goes to the pumpkin patch

Yesterday Aulora's class went to a pumpkin patch to pick out their own little pumpkin. It was a cold morning, but we were so glad we went! She really had a fun time.....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cheap Entertainment at the Sullivan House

This video is a double bonus - you get a laughing baby and a cute baby bottom! Woohoo, could it get any better???

First Piano Lesson

Julia has been begging to take piano lessons and I whole heartedly wanted her to, so tonight we had our first one. (We tried yesterday, but the whole church nursery disaster happened and I spent the rest of our time before church trying to take care of that.)

She was so excited to learn and payed very careful attention to every little thing I told her. We learned how to sit and all the finger numbers. We went over quarter notes and half notes, bar lines and double bar lines. And then she played her first song called, "First March". She picked it up so fast and was even counting it out loud as she played.

As a piano teacher, I can usually tell you if a child has any musical talent pretty quickly. Some are awful, some are great, and some are just generally smart so they can pull it off. It was very clear within only a few minutes that this girl has music in her bones. Really.

I know John and I are both somewhat musical, but what we can do pales in comparison to what some of our parents and grandparents can (or could) do. It's so amazing to see my baby sitting there playing those notes so tenderly and perfectly. She was in her element......

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whose Idea Was This????

Who in the world invented church on Wednesday night that goes from 7:00 to almost 9:00? It's 10:20 and my kids are still awake in their room! We didn't get home until 9:20 and then they needed something to eat and then had to get ready for bed. They're trying to go to sleep now but they're so wound up from seeing their friends and eating candy!

I don't want to not go to church on Wednesday nights, but Thursday mornings are a nightmare around here. They are getting a full two hours less sleep so you know it's not pretty come rise and shine. I did finally figure out that if I turn on the Arthur cartoon at 7:00 then they wake up without being too grumpy.

Now, if I can only figure out a way for me not to be too grumpy. =)


That about sums it up. I keep making lists and I'm accomplishing those things on a daily basis, but then there's more. There's always been a lot to do, but the magnitude of all the these things that have to be done are HUGE. There are constantly decisions that will potentially make us thousands more or thousands less. And all of those big things are surrounded by tons of tiny things regarding birthday parties (this is birthday season for our family), homework, field trips, housework and laundry, church responsibilities (just today I spent an hour and a half finding fill-ins for nursery workers who couldn't be there at the last minutes because of their own sick babies), bill paying, doctor appointments, blah blah blah blah blah.

Busy does not necessarily equate to busy for me, but all that's going on right now does just because it's complicated and big. I'm ready for a vacation now......

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Report Card Time!

My boy got his report card today and he did good! Here's the rundown:
  • Math 94
  • Grammar 97
  • Reading 96
  • Music, Art, Citizenship A
  • Bible, Computer, P.E., Social Studies, Science, Handwriting Satisfactory
I'm not sure why some of their grades are actual numbers, some are letter grades, and then some are on the satisfactory/needs improvement/unsatisfactory system. Either way, he did good!

He also made the principal's honor roll and he got a citizenship award! He's finally shaping up and bringing home mostly happy faces. I'm so super proud of that sweet, smart monkey right now! I'm pretty sure I'm beaming. =)

No Brownies For Me

There were no brownies in the house last night, but alas (I've always wanted to use that word on my blog so please don't make fun of me), there was the ever alluring pint of "Half Baked" ice cream in the freezer.

I had successfully kept the kids out of it all day so I felt I was deserving of its goodness once they were in bed. I'm not sure I was deserving of the whole pint's worth of goodness, but whatever. It was super good and my jeans still fit this morning just fine. My new jeans which are the size I was in before Julia was born, thank you very much.

John may be gone, but I still know how to have a great time with my good friends Ben and Jerry. Thanks guys, we'll have to do it again for sure....

Monday, October 20, 2008

I forgot to tell you....

where I took the pictures of Joshua with the pumpkins. It was in the Walmart parking lot! They had pumpkins and hay bales set up as a big display and it looked like they wanted people to take pictures so I took them up on it. I was there anyway so it was a super easy photo session. =)

Speaking of Walmart though - I had my oil changed there today. I was not so impressed. I asked them to please replace my headlight that had gone out and the manager said he would tell them to do it. When I returned (after shopping for an hour with the three youngest monkeys), I paid and checked my paperwork which said all the various things had been checked. Filters, fluids, lights, tires, etc. But when I got to the car and checked the headlight, it was still out.

So that mechanic and I had to have a little talk. I explained how I no longer felt confident with their services if they say all these things have been checked, yet something very obvious is still wrong. The man fixed it for me (while the monkeys were hungry and crying, ready for lunch and a nap) and then said it was on the house. Well, I should think so. But I graciously thanked him several times anyway. I think my John Mayer cd was in the player when he drove the car and not a Hillsong worship one, but still. I wouldn't want to be a bad witness. hahaha.

I'm mostly just happy that my oil is changed, my registration and inspection is current, and my lights all work. That's a pretty productive day in my book!

Friday, October 17, 2008

They're Baa--aaack!

All four monkeys are back at home again. Funny how big they always look after you haven't been with them for a few days. Aulora just held me and squeezed me and I think she may have even called me George (just kidding). She's not used to being away from Mommy for that long! Julia was full of hugs and kisses too, but she's an old pro at going off without us.

They had only been home for about 30 minutes when all of the following began:
  • I was cleaning up a spot on the floor from one girl-child who had an accident and shall remain nameless
  • I was also trying to keep Joshua away from the wet spot
  • John David announced that the toilet was overflowing
  • Daddy was trying to clean all of that up
  • Joshua was screaming because he wanted a bottle and bedtime but Mommy didn't have any more clean bottles and Aulora's milk was already in the last one
  • Aulora was throwing a fit because her clothes were being removed for jammy time. Her fit led to mild discipline which in turn led to her screaming even more and almost making herself throw up
  • Joshua was still screaming because Mommy still hadn't found a bottle. Daddy couldn't take it anymore so he held him while he was cleaning the bathroom.
  • Daddy went downstairs to get the mop for the bathroom and left John David to dry up the floor with some paper towels......but John David is curled around the base of the toilet on the still wet floor so he can reach back behind with his little piece of wadded up toilet paper. Can you say gross?
  • The boys finished cleaning up the mess and John David was put in the shower
  • A bottle was found for Joshua and he was put in bed (one down, three to go)
  • Aulora's fit subsided and she apologized to Mommy then went to bed (two down, two to go)
  • Julia's teeth and hair were brushed and she told me the name of her newest Build a Bear creation - Kristen Sullivan Care-a-lot Four Leaf Clover Bear. She repeated it over and over so I wouldn't forget. I guess it worked. I kissed her good night and tucked her in. (three down, one to go)
  • I got John David out of the shower and helped him put his jammies on. We then had to sing the "boom-boom-boom-boom" song and "God is Bigger than the Boogey Man" song. Finally, he was down too.

Can I go to bed now???

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coolest Walmart Checker EVER

Since you can't see me rolling my eyes or hear the sarcasm dripping off those title words, just know that this was absolutely not the coolest checker ever. I've had my share of weird/bad/slow/dumb/annoying/scary/he-she/rude checkers, but this encounter shot right up to the top of the list. (Well, except for maybe the bag lady checker back in SA. I'm not sure you can beat that one. That was just soooo annoying.)

John was crawling up in the attic installing lights and he said he wouldn't need my help for about 30 minutes. So, being quite optimistic about the time involved in even a "quick" Walmart trip, I headed down the road to pick up just a few things. (hahaha - does anyone ever leave with just a few???) I was actually doing ok on time and found a short line (relatively short anyway). I hadn't been there too long when I realized that I had indeed managed to find the slowest moving line in the store. And it didn't take long for me to figure out the reason for the slowness - the checker.

This checker talked and talked and talked. And talked some more. And being that he was a man, of course he couldn't scan things and talk at the same time. So he would just stand there holding something as he talked. And then when he did scan something he would meticulously put it in the bag. All clothing he took the time to neatly fold as if it was about to be photographed.

I could see the clock in the background behind him and I could sense John's growing frustration even from miles down the road. I warned the people behind me to find a different line and they were smart enough to listen. But me? I figured I was better off to stick it out than to try changing lines at this point.

When it was finally my turn, I didn't really want to say hello lest he thought I wanted to have conversation. (Just for the record, I like conversation and I'm usually very friendly and talkative to cashiers. But I just didn't want to get this guy started.) I opted to not be rude though and offered up a quick hello. It was as I had feared. He now thought I wanted to be his best friend.

When he came to my 2 gallons of milk and the formula he asked if I had WIC. I told him I didn't and he said that was too bad because all this stuff was so expensive. I agreed.

He continued to say that when his wife had a baby one day that he was going to tell her she needed to breastfeed because that was so much cheaper. He asked me why I didn't breastfeed. (Just so you can visualize this guy, he was about 20 years old and very hippy looking.)

I told him that sometimes it just doesn't work out. I was trying to be vague as I didn't particularly want to have such a conversation with a man I didn't even know.

He couldn't leave it alone though. What do you mean "sometimes it doesn't work out"?

Sigh. Sometimes a mother just doesn't make enough milk for the baby, that's all.

Ohhhh! When my mom had my little brother she made so much milk that when he got older she had to go get her milk stopped. (whatever that means.) See, you need to be on WIC so you can get all the milk and other things so your body has the uh, uh, nutri-, uh, uh, nutrition, uh, uh, nutrients it needs to make lots of good breast milk. Yeah, you should totally be on WIC.

This guy should so be the WIC representative......

And I take it back. Now that I've relived the experience, this cashier definitely takes the cake. Any man cashier who repeatedly uses the word "breast", "breast milk", and "breastfeeding" just has to take the cake. Don't ya think?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Terrible Confession

You know what I had for breakfast today?


You know what I had for lunch today?


You know what I had for a snack in between when the first brownie didn't quite last until lunch?

another brownie

You know what I had for a quick tide-me-over-until-dinner-because-I-have-a-5:00-meeting-right-now snack?

yet another slice of chocolate brownie sin

I did at least have a hamburger right before church started. But I was really in the mood for something sweet after that, so when I got home from church you know what I had?

You think you're so smart. You thought I had another brownie.

Well, I didn't because someone else ate ALL the brownies ALL gone! So poor La didn't get hardly any of the yummy brownies that Mimi made. Boohoohoo.

If you read both my blogs and you know what I'm about to go do right now, then I apologize. I'm a total glutton I guess. I just LOVE chocolate!

I'll Show You!

Joshua is not too thrilled with the big baby gate we put up across the living room. He really likes his freedom and he says that thing is cramping his style. As he started pushing the whole thing down, I told him it was for his own good so he didn't kill himself going up the stairs or eating Comet under the sink. He said he didn't care as it came crashing down. He was bustin' out.....

It's In My Blood

Yesterday I headed into Mardels (a super big Christian bookstore in case you've never heard of it) to look for a book I needed. To find this book I had to look first through all the youth and church ministry stuff and then finally over in the children's ministry area.

It was so hard to be in the middle of all of those things and not feel an overwhelming desire to be back in ministry. I'm telling you, it's in my blood. Not so much the youth stuff. I loved helping John with his stuff, but I mainly loved doing things with kids. Teaching them, pouring into them, training them, encouraging them, making them laugh, giving them hugs, listening to them, telling them we're having broccoli cake for a snack, playing games involving huge over sized underwear or plungers, sliming and pieing people, and so much more!

I know right now my job is to be Mommy. I love that too. But I really, really hope that one day God can use me again to share Him with children.

Joshua Poses with Pumpkins

You'll never guess where we took these pictures! Maybe I'll tell you later.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Need a Snorkel....

......because I'm buried under mounds and mounds of outgrown kid clothes! Aaaackkkkk! I hate it when I have to do this, but at least twice a year I go through everything and sort it out. I have to determine which of the following categories everything fits into:
  • clothes to go to goodwill
  • clothes to sell on ebay
  • clothes to take to the resell shop
  • clothes to be put neatly in a labeled tub for future use by a younger sibling
  • clothes that can be hung back up and still used now
It doesn't really sound too bad when I put it like that, but it's bad. My shoulders are burning from the pure misery of it all. What makes it the hardest is that so many of my nicely organized clothes tubs are in storage. And not in the front of the storage room where I specifically told my husband to put them. No, they're are about 2 layers deep in there. I can see them and almost reach them, but not quite. If only I was Elastigirl from the Incredibles! (And by the way, if you've never seen all of my tubs you're really missing out!)

The dumbest part of all of this is that I don't really have time to be doing it. It started when I went by the storage unit and was miraculously able to reach one box of bigger clothes for Joshua. Well, of course I had to sort through and then make room. It then proceeded to turn into one of those "If you give a mouse a cookie" scenarios. My body is screaming for bed, but I sooo want to finish! I'm kind of stuck at the moment though because I don't know if the resale shop I will be using accepts all seasons or not. I hope they do because I really want to be done with it all!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Unloading My Camera

Good grief, I'm so behind. I really don't think I'll ever catch up on all the little things I've meant to blog about lately. I think I'm going to unleash a rainstorm of randomness while my pictures are loading....
  • Last night John David slept with me (John's gone right now) and we had some great cuddle time. Anytime I cuddle him, I have to wonder how many more times it will happen. There was no school today and it's been overcast all day so this morning we slept in until 9:00! Absolute heaven!!!
  • Both my girls are in Tulsa this week with Clay and Sandy. I miss them, but oh my goodness - do you have any idea what's it like to go from 4 kids to only 2? Especially when the 2 you have are the boys and only one of them talks. This house is so quiet!
  • I'm glad that the color we chose to paint our Piece is roughly the same color as the interior of our van, because if it wasn't, well, I might have green or red carpet and floor mats in there now. A gallon of paint is not a good thing to spill in your car. Thank you, Walmart.
  • Never buy your paint at Walmart.
  • I don't know how my husband is doing all that he does. He is working a lot, traveling to get to work a lot, preparing all of his law school applications (this is no small thing), writing all of the question sets for the Gold Cup quiz tournament again, tutoring LSAT students, working the "helpline" for the LSAT, and working on the Piece when he's home. I told him I didn't know how he was doing it and he said he just does whatever is most important right then and he doesn't worry about the rest. I guess that philosophy works until you have more than one really important thing and then you're just jacked up. Like, if I lived by that rule, there might come a day when one kid was dangling from the roof and another kid was setting the house on fire and I'm supposed to figure out which thing is more important at that very moment. (And in this hypothetical situation, we're assuming that the other two kids aren't into something, which I think we all know is pretty unlikely.) So I don't see how I could ever go for this way of thinking, but it works for him I guess.
  • Painting ceilings is a horrible, no fun way to spend the day. Lucky for me I only painted walls today.
  • Unlucky for me, I will paint ceilings tomorrow.
  • John David had to do his first school report tonight. It's due tomorrow, so in the spirit of Daddy's advice above, it wasn't the most important thing until the night before it was due! The report was on giant squid (he chose his own animal) and turned out quite nicely. I was remembering a fantastic report I did on the state of Texas when I was in the 5th grade. It was both a written and oral report and I went all out doing it because we lived in California at the time. I distinctly remember my mom telling me to go away and leave her alone because she was working on my report though. I got a great grade so I guess it was worth it! hahaha! It was quite tempting to do that with John David tonight. It would have been SO much faster.....but I didn't do it. Pat on my back.
  • My parents are coming in less than 3 weeks to visit!
  • Is anyone still reading this? I think my pictures are done loading - on to the picture show....

Aulora loves sunglasses, bags and purses, baby dolls, and her play stroller. I keep thinking she'll get tired of these things and move on, but every day it's the same thing. Too cute!

My girls are gone but guess what I found? A half eaten peanut butter cracker in the cabinet. Hmmmmm.....Someone didn't eat as much as I thought!

John David poses with the rat. Chuck E. looks like he's about to chomp his head off if you ask me.

Last night, John David wanted to take some pictures of us so here we are acting quite silly. I really shouldn't post such pictures of myself. Oh well.....

Awwww, I miss my girlies! This was taken at Olive Garden last week. Julia has the hardest time just smiling and keeping her eyes open nicely in a picture. She always does something weird. What a goofy monkey she is.....

Whew! That's all I've got. Maybe I'm caught up after all......

He's - sniff - not a baby - sniff sniff - anymore!

I'm not one to go so long between posts, but there has been precious little time for any posting lately. That's due in large part to the Piece, but also because of all my monkeys. My youngest monkey (and I say youngest, not smallest, because he is quickly catching up to the third monkey) is getting pretty big. I had a dream a few nights ago that he was walking. It was so real and so scary! What's more scary is that I don't think it will be too long before my dream comes true. ("dream comes true" makes it sound so happy and good - I don't want him to start walking soon!)

Anyway, please overlook all the red eyes and unedited pictures because like I said, I'm stinkin' busy! These are just some proof of how un-little my baby is. sniff sniff sniff......

Notice the difference (or lack thereof) in Aulora and Joshua's size.

I'm not exactly sure what this face was all about, but I found it amusing.

Hey, it's a rare shot of me! Who cares if my children aren't exactly posing pretty and we're leaning up against a Teletubbies ride - we're in a picture together!

This is what I found him doing a few days ago when I lost track of him for a moment. I think my heart only missed 2 beats.

He was thrilled with his new discovery. We've since started using the huge long baby gate that blocks off the whole living room. Getting out of this two story house can't come soon enough! =)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Big Thieving Rat

John David and Julia both want to have their birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's this year. I thought, hmmm, why not? We'll combine their party, save money, have a great time, and they'll love me forever.

Then I went to the website to check their party prices. Sweet fancy Moses, as George Costanza would say.

So we're scratching the whole rat themed party to do something more along the lines of a fun party at the park. I just have to figure out how I'm going to tell my kids that.......

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Car Talk

I love to listen in on my kids' conversations in the car. Sometimes they sit in their seats and just make loud annoying noises, but other times they actually say some cute things.

This morning, on the way to church, Joshua made a "baaaa" kind of noise that sounded a lot like a sheep. John David said, "Awww, he's a little lamb - a little lamb of God!" That made me smile.

And then we passed Chuck E. Cheese's which has recently been remodeled. After some talk about all the cool new games John David confidently announced, "Yes, Chuck E. Cheese's is now 10% better than it was before." Wow, 10%! What are we waiting on? Let's go right now!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Hiding Place

Every time I think I've seen it all, Julia does something new that leaves me shaking my head. Like tonight - we were getting ready to go out to eat. John is out of town for work (suffering in Key West, poor man) so I was getting the kids ready by myself.

I had everyone ready to walk out the door and all I needed to do was change Joshua's diaper. But then I looked down and saw Julia's jeans on the floor. The jeans she had been wearing just a few minutes ago. I examined them quickly but didn't see any sign of an accident, which is normally the case when I find her pants abandoned on the floor.

I started searching for her and finally found her hiding in my bathroom, naked from the waist down.

"What are you doing??? Did you have an accident?"


"Then what are you doing? Everyone is ready to go and we're waiting on you!"

It was obvious at this point that she did not want to tell me what the problem was. At last, she held up her leg and pointed at her knee which at first appeared to be covered in blood and scraped up skin.

"What happened? Are you hurt?"

She slightly shook her head no, so I looked more closely at her knee. It was something red for sure. And sticky. And very gooey. Red and sticky and gooey. And, wait a second, what's that smell? Strawberry! Red, sticky, gooey and strawberry!

Now I'm seeing that whatever this gooey mess is, it's smeared down her legs and on her feet and even at the top of her legs near her bottom. And she still wouldn't tell me what it was!

Everything in me wanted to shake her and demand that she tell me what she had managed to get all over herself. But that's not how it works with this child. If you lose it and holler, she shuts down. Trust me, I've learned the hard way. And not hollering is just so stinkin' hard to do sometimes because, man alive, she does things that just ask for a good hollering!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.
Gather your composure, Mommy. Remain calm.

"Julia, what is on your legs?"

She finally squeaked out a soft answer. "Barbie Pop tart."

"How did a pop tart get on your legs?"

"I don't know."

"Of course you know! These are your legs! How did a pop tart get all over your legs???"

Long pause.

"I put it in my pants."

"You put it in your pants? Were you hiding it from me?"

Little head nod. "I wanted to eat it."

So there you have it. If ever you need a good hiding place, try your pants. Even if it's gooey and red and sticky, by all means, put it down in your pants. After all, what's a little red pop tart goo between friends?

I forgot how wonderful it is.... take a nap!!!

Both of the babies are sleeping and the big monkeys went with Gran to see some dog movie. I got a blanket and leaned back in the recliner and stayed there sleeping for 30 glorious, amazing minutes. Wow! It's been a really long time since I did that.

What's better is that the babies are still both sleeping. I could go do it again if I wanted to, I guess. Nah - better not push my luck. I'll go do some laundry. =)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Miss Bossy Pants Is In the House (once again)

Here's one snippet of that boisterous talking that my previous post referred to:

Julia: Here, Bubba! I brought you something!

John David: Oh, cool! I like that.

Julia: Uh, you need to say thank you for what I brought you please. [hands on hips]

John David: Thank you for what you brought me. I like it.

Julia: Thanks for saying thank you for what I brought you. I appreciate that you like it. Really, I do......

One Child....

...really makes a difference around here! Julia was with Sandy in Tulsa all week and they got back home around 6:00 tonight. Up until then, things were very calm and relatively quiet. The house was clean too.

By 6:05 everything was polar opposite. Things were strewn all over, children were hollering (some were happy, some were mad), Joshua was crying, Aulora was a Tasmanian devil with all of her big sister's newly acquired treasures, and I was hurled out of my heavenly bliss of 3 children and back down to the reality of 4.

Let me tell you - Julia has not stopped talking since she has been home. It's almost 11:00 now, and although she is in bed and should have been asleep long ago, the child is STILL talking. I can hear her in there! Poor John David was so tired he was able to fall asleep in spite of it. All evening long I found myself saying, "Shhhh. Please stop talking." Or, "Julia, you don't need to talk so loud please." Nothing worked though. The chatter remained nonstop and quite deafening.

I love my children. All of them. But honestly, I don't love everything about them. (Is that okay to say?) I do not like endless chatter - not even from adorably cute little four year old girls!

Hopefully, things will settle back down tomorrow. Please Jesus!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Another Fun Shopping Trip

Yesterday I headed to the granite and cabinet store as soon as I left work. I had both Aulora and Joshua with me so I knew I was in for some fun! This was just something that really needed to be done though and so I was determined to go.

Aulora didn't want to stay in the basket seat (what's new) so I was trying to juggle her and the papers I was working with to write down numbers and colors and stuff. She waited until I was in the middle of an important conversation with the manager of the store to start pointing in my nose saying, "Boogies! You got boogies!"

I tried to divert her attention and ask her if she had boogies in her nose, but to my embarrassment she continued to point at my nose and insist that mommy had boogies.

It was hard to concentrate on what the man was telling me about counter tops because I kept imagining what horrible "boogies" might be hanging out of my nose.

Who taught this child to talk?!?!?

Fast forward to the end of this shopping trip and you have:
  • a very cabinet and granite informed momma
  • two salesmen needing some advil
  • a store full of very amused shoppers
  • two happy babies
  • a very tired momma who ended up carrying both babies at once and bouncing with them all the way out to the car to keep them from crying
Sometimes you just have to get something done though. I may get things done slower because I've got kids, but I will get it done.

By the way, there were no boogies. Trust me - I checked as soon as I got in the car! hahaha!