Monday, February 29, 2016


“I just don’t want another politician,” my mom said exasperatedly over Sunday lunch as we

discussed the Presidential race.  And what a familiar refrain it is…when did we ever want one?

But they’re all we get.  Only this year seems different: there is a wave of populist anger surging

in the Republican primary.  Yet the majority of the country doesn’t want Donald Trump to be

President; even most Republicans don’t want Trump to be President.  And still he remains our

party’s front runner.

While she may be right not to want “another politician,” it’s important to understand why.  After

all, doesn’t it make sense that the top political office in our country should be filled by someone

with actual experience in politics?  The greatest conservative thinkers in America have warned

the electorate that the Presidency is special and that “experience in other fields is not 

transferable. That is why all American presidents have been politicians, or generals.”  We value

experience and professionalism in our doctors and attorneys and plumbers—why wouldn’t we

demand it of our President?

So maybe Trump doesn’t have experience—that’s not actually the point.  What my mother is

really saying is that we do not want someone who will participate in “politics as usual.” We

don’t want someone cozying up to special interests; a squish.  Her argument continues: “We

want a businessman who gets things done.”

The only problem with that is that Donald Trump isn’t really a businessman—he’s a salesman.

Look at how he gets votes: bluster he can’t deliver on (he won’t just build a wall, the Mexicans

will pay for it!), shameless self-promotion (has he told you about his polls?), intimidation (Ted

Cruz better lawyer up), and appeals to the bandwagon (seriously, his polling is fantastic).

Sounds like a politician.

And of course like any good politician, Trump is all about The Deal. He knows how to

compromise and grease the wheels in order to get what he wants.  He’s made donations to

purchase “the good graces of politicians—including many Democrats.” But in the end, any

“deal” that is struck between parties involves both sides coming to the table and compromising.

What was the immigration Gang of Eight but a deal? The Gang of Fourteen on judges? The

Gang of Six on the debt? As Trump said in South Carolina, governing with “[c]onsensus means 

you have to work hard and cajole and make deals.”
 In other words, he thinks he’ll be a good

President precisely because he has experience wheeling and dealing like the longest serving

senator.  Trump is the ultimate politician.

This concerns me as a Christian.  On some things, I don’t want a “deal”—I want a principled

stand.  I’m open to compromise on issues like taxation and entitlements—we need statesmen

who can come together and iron out difficult questions and issues.  There is no middle ground,

however, when it comes to having my tax dollars used to kill innocent human beings.

Last August, Donald Trump said Planned Parenthood should get no taxpayer dollars, but then

changed his mind just a few days later.  In October, he again said he would de-fund Planned 

Parenthood, but would not commit to taking an unyielding stand on it.  A few weeks ago, we saw

why.  Donald Trump thinks Planned Parenthood provides valuable services for “women’s 

health.”  Setting aside his flip-flopping, it is clear why his latest comment is just wrong.  It

doesn’t take a businessman like The Donald to understand the concept of fungibility.  The dollars

that the government takes from me and gives to Planned Parenthood help make abortions

possible by paying for the overhead (computers, secretaries, utilities, etc.).  That tax money

supports abortion even if my dollars don’t actually buy the curette.  There simply are not “two 

Planned Parenthoods in a way”—it’s all the business of abortion.  Trump wasn’t just sounding

like a politician here: he’s sounding like a Democrat.

Though he has been harmful to our country, you have to respect how President Obama holds

firm when he faces Congress.  Not only does he refuse to sign budgets that the Congress sends

him if they don’t have everything he wants (like continued federal funding for abortions), he

even makes it seem as though the Republicans are the ones who are holding the money hostage

and responsible for shutting down the government (as though he played no role).  What a

refreshing change it would be to have a Republican stand up to Congress and say “No Deal.”

And after eight years of Obama, we have to have a President who knows which issues should be


Though he recently appears to have changed course again, claiming he would defund Planned

Parenthood, remember that this is the same man who admits that he never asks for 

forgiveness…on anything.  Given his own words, rest assured that Trump would make a deal on

Planned Parenthood—and so he should not get your vote.  Trump wants you to vote for him

because he says he is good at getting his side the best deal.  The problem there is that it will be the

best deal by the lights of Donald Trump, not conservative (and certainly not Christian) values.

Were he elected, Trump would use things that should not be negotiable—like abortion funding

and judicial appointments—as bargaining chips in his deal making.

Like so many others, my mom is understandably angry and bitter at everyone in charge: the

“politicians.”  But Trump is nothing more than a politician who hasn’t held office. And even if I

believed Trump’s spin that he’s still a great enough businessman to turn around the United States

economy—like Trump University?—I don’t want to make deals on innocent human life…like a


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Not Your Sister

The girls are playing with little dolls this morning. I overheard a doll conversation. 

Julia's doll: We are going to have garage sale. You have to choose one thing you don't need anymore to go in the garage sale. 

Aulora's doll: Ok. I pick Carrie. 

Julia's doll: What?! You can't pick your sister! Pick something else to put in the sale! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Captain Davus' 58th Birthday Dinner

Julia made a card for "Captain Davus" based on last year's birthday party. That's a whole other blog post! 

Saturday fun at Cane's and Dave and Buster's

Friday, June 20, 2014


Aulora: blah blah blah....[random weirdness] blah blah blah

John David: Aulora, stop that! Don't be weird! 

Aulora: [weirdness continues]

Julia: Ugh. Aulora, don't be surprised when you're 27 years old and still not married. Just don't be surprised....

John David: Yeah Aulora. Your husband isn't going to like all this weird stuff you're doing when you get married. 

Julia: IF. If she gets married. I'm telling you Aulora, don't be surprised. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random Julia Pictures

Here's my girl! Julia is the mini-mom in our house. 
Seriously, I could just lay in bed and she would take care of everything for me! She is precious and sweet and smart and so funny sometimes. I can't wait to see what she becomes! (Currently she's deciding between either a school teacher or the president. I could see either one!)

 This was her Classical Conversations class this school year for 4th grade. 
Her teacher was Mrs. Katy and Julia LOVED her!
 On her 10th birthday she wanted to go to Salt Grass Steakhouse. Her chocolate cake was huge!
 Curly hair for Christmas!
 Ahhh. School work. We no longer have a school room and desks, but our year did start that way. When we moved we lost that extra room and now we work at the kitchen table or on beds our couches or the floor. Or the car. Or wherever else we want!
 Math can be so tiring.
 Look who got contacts in May of 2013!
 Julia earned Memory Master last year and this year both in Classical Conversations. So proud of her! I don't have a picture of her doing it this year for some reason. 
 Since we've spent a lot of time in both Houston and Dallas this year Julia has had so many friends! 
(The two city thing has been a blessing and a curse. I think we are definitely ready to live in just one city.)
 I love those Chuck E. Cheese pictures!
 Sleepover time with church friends in Houston.
 Cousin love!!!
 More friends! These are two of her buddies from our CC group here in Dallas. 
 This was the day I looked over and realized my little girl was quickly becoming a young woman. Whoa!!!
 It was a relief to find her still playing with her dolls!
 She and John David have a great relationship. Hahaha!
And of course, there has to be a picture of her with her two little buddies. She loves these two a ton!