Thursday, February 28, 2008

Of course it happened as soon as John left town...

The light bulb in the shower part of our bathroom went out. Seeing as how it was late and it would require a step stool from the garage to fix, I opted to not take a shower at that time. I planned to do it this afternoon. Yet this afternoon did not go as planned and I haven't had a chance to destinkify myself. So here I sit nursing Joshua, kept warm by the leg hair I haven't been able to shave.

If I was totally honest, I would have to say that I'm so tired I would love to go to bed again without a shower. It's just not an option though - I'm too yuck.

Don't Know Why

I walked into the kids' room this evening to find Julia intently watching Rachel Ray cook on the Food Network. Like I said, I don't know why.

We're Moving To Phoenix.....

Conversation from dinner time last night:

JD: I'm a maniac! I'm a madman! That's what I told my friend at school! Hahahaha! I'm a maniac!

Me: Hmmmmm. I guess you can't be an astronaut when you grow up then.

JD: Why not?

Me: Because maniacs can't be astronauts.

JD: Why not?

Me: Because they don't let maniacs fly in the space shuttles into outer space.

Julia: Well, I don't want to be an astronaut when I'm big because I might fall out of the space shuttle. I want to be a movie star. [flip hair dramatically over shoulder]

JD: You can't be a movie star because you don't live in Los Angeles. That's where all the famous people live. In Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix. And Phoenix is in Arizona. So you can't be a movie star.

Julia: Well, I can drive there.

JD: No you can't.

Julia: Yes I can.

JD: No you can't.

Julia: Yes I can.

JD: No you can't.

Julia: Why not?

JD: Because it's really far away. You have to ride an airplane.

Julia: Oh. Well, I'll ride an airplane....because I'm going to be a movie star.

My two main observations about this are:

1. JD will NEVER be an astronaut because if you have ever seen him get dressed you know that he can't stand lots of clothes and things touching him. He has an actual medically documented thing called
tactile dysfunction. Hopefully he will grow out of it. I can only imagine him putting on a space suit though. It makes me laugh to picture it. He would definitely be a maniac! (John David, if you are an adult reading this, and you have indeed become an astronaut, I'm very proud of you. I knew you could do it! Now, how about some lotion?)

2. Julia wants to be a movie star? G-R-E-A-T. She could do it though. Miss Drama Queen of all time would win the Oscar for sure. I guess we'll have to pack up and move to Phoenix though. That is where the famous people live, you know.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not So Very Smart

Today was going great and on schedule. Then, just a little before nap time, my brother in law called wanting us to go to my most favorite hibachi grill for lunch. I should have said no. But I couldn't resist. I figured Aulora's nap would just be delayed for about an hour or so. No big deal.

Wrong. We had lunch (which was fantastic and paid for by my super sweet younger BIL - still wondering if there's a catch!) and then came home. Aulora climbed into one of the riding toys outside before I could stop her so then we had to play outside for awhile. It was 3:15 before I put her down. That means she didn't wake up until 6:30. Which means I JUST NOW put her in bed at 11:30. Ughhhhh..... I'm so tired. I would have been tired anyway from taking 4 kids to church by myself, but now I ache. Oh well. I got to eat hibachi food and I'll even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. It was worth it.

We spent the time tonight going through Julia's tubs of outgrown clothes that are now Aulora's size. We tried things on and had fun. She's now sleeping in Elmo pajamas. She's never had any before so she was super thrilled to put them on. It was also somewhat of a time warp for me to see Aulora in Julia's clothes, plus they all smelled like "our smell". I definitely know what our smell is (or was) now. Every time I open something that was stored or packed before we moved I smell it. I use pretty much the same detergent and softner now, the same fragrance things, the same perfume even - it's just gone. Will I ever get it back? =( I wonder what our new smell is?

A, I thought of you guys a lot too. There were a number of your little girl's things you gave us and so they smelled like your smell and our smell together! We should definitely market a candle scent. We would be stinkin' rich. =)

Can it be???

Joshua is sleeping in his bed during the day now. I don't mean for a 10 minute nap. The child just took a 2 1/2 hour nap! I guess he finally got used to his bed instead of being held all the time. Of course, I couldn't keep from checking on him constantly to make sure he was alive. Silly ol' mommy, as Julia would say....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


After a horrible night of sleep due to having a fever and a headache, I woke up feeling much better. Thank you, Jesus! I did NOT want another yesterday. So whatever we were struck with was yucky yet quick. I'm happy to say that I actually got to take a shower today and I put make-up on and real clothes. Oh happy day. I did laundry, some light cleaning, nursed Joshua, did dishes, took Julia to ballet, picked up Chinese food for dinner, read books for 30 minutes to the kids, put them all in bed, and then faithfully came to update my blog. I still have mounds of laundry to fold on my bed, but I'm going to do it while watching American Idol on DVR - no commercials! =)

I'm bummed that I'm missing out on the great new photographer in SA. Really bummed. I've wanted beautiful pictures for sooo long and have never had the money to do it. J is now doing a fantastic job for a price we could afford and we live 4 stinky hours away. =( Bummer of all bummers. I know there are probably "budding" photographers all over the place, especially with a university right down the road. So it's a matter of finding them. I sent an email today to a man at our church who may be able to do it for us. We'll see.....

My mom is in Vegas all week. I'm stuck in WF changing diapers and she is in Vegas. Whah.

Has anyone else seen that show called "Bulging Brides"? Am I the only one who thinks there should also be a show called "Gigantic Grooms"? Just wondering.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I've been bit.....

The sick bug found me too. Thank you, Jesus, for grandmas and for babies who take naps.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What a Day

EXHAUSTED! That's what I am right now. This morning began with John being sick. He sucked it up and we all went to church anyway. Shannon was with us and it would have been a bummer to have not gone. He had to leave the service though and came home as soon as church was over because he was throwing up. We went out to lunch without him (hey, I still have to eat) and then came home. By 3 or 4 John David was crying that his stomach hurt. He was so sick and unfortunately missed the bowl on his first round. Yuck. It wasn't long before Julia was sick too. So I took care of 3 sick people, a nursing baby, and a busy 17 month old all day. I got to end my evening with a trip to Walmart because I ran out of diapers for Aulora. At least all of my children are now in bed soundly asleep -two of them with big bowls beside them. =)

On a happier (and not so yucky) note, I had a fantastic time with friends last night and today. It was so wonderful to get to be around some of those I've missed so badly. Love you guys!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Girl Weekend

Last night I went to a pajama party with my new friends here. It wasn't all night, which is good since I would have passed out and had some horrible prank pulled on me. We started at 6:00 and ended at 11:00. There was incredibly yummyItalian food ordered in, raspberry tea, and homemade desserts. We played games, looked at our wedding stuff, and of course talked. It was great! I only took Joshua with me and John kept the rest of the kids. They were sound asleep when I got home. I crept in their room and loved on them all. I even kind of tried to wake them up a little just so they could love me back but they were out of it. I made up for it this morning.

In just a little bit I'm going to a baby shower and then tonight I'm hanging out with two of the coolest girls ever. We'll go out to eat and maybe to a comedy club or coffee shop. Fun! John will again keep the older kids. I think he'll have a partner in crime tonight though since Casey is here visiting with him this weekend. Should I be worried?

I'm going to be one tired momma in the morning when it's time to get up for church. I like my 8 hours every night. Oh well. It will be worth it......

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Better Day

Today and yesterday both were better for John David. He's really missing his school friends from SA, but he wasn't in tears like the other day. I think I should clarify my earlier post. It sounded as if everyone in his class hated him. That's not the case. That's what he was saying the other day when he was upset. The kids in his class are all very nice - except for the boy who sits closest to John David who, according to him, is "so annoying". =)

What Could Have Been

Yesterday I met a woman my age. On January 25th, she was in the same hospital as me, right down the hall, also delivering a baby. Her baby was a girl and never took a single breath. She was stillborn and the doctors didn't know why.

So now my arms are full (quite full) and hers are painfully empty. Why? Why her and not me?

The love and gratefulness for each of my children exploded in the moments following that chance encounter. Our Father in Heaven gives life where He sees fit and He has seen fit to bless us with four amazing little lives.

I hope and pray that the woman I met will someday soon find herself holding her own miracle. In the meantime, I thank her for helping me more fully love and appreciate my own.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Harder Times

While changing endless diapers, nursing, picking up toys, keeping little arms out of the toilet, etc. is tiring and hard, we've definitely reached a harder point of parenthood. This must be the point where it starts being very helpful to have at least half a brain as a parent (preferably more). Children start having real problems (not huge, but real) and it's hard to know what to do all the time. John David had a hard day at school today. I knew it the moment he walked in the door. Apparently, everyone hates him and nobody at all wants to be his friend. It made me sad. =( We talked for quite a while and ended with big hugs and a prayer. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day for him. He's always marched to the beat of his own drum and that has often affected his friendships at school. I wish I could solve it and fix it for him, but I know I just have to help him. I love that boy......

Sunday, February 17, 2008

One More Valentine Post

My daughter is a born re-gifter. She's been crossing off the "from" names on her valentine cards she was given at school, writing her own name, and handing them out to family members. I had to laugh when she did that.

And here is John David's "mailbox" he made at school. Can you read what it says?

It says "Geve me the smuches baby". (Give me the smooches baby.) He and his friend thought that would be a funny thing to write.

Funny Julia

I don't want to forget these funny things Julia said.....

This morning, as I was dropping her off at her class:
Teacher: Hi, Julia! Is this your new baby brother?!?
Julia: Yes! He's sooo cute and he has a really big wee wee!

At lunch this afternoon when she was being bossy:
John's Dad: Now just who died and left you in charge?
Julia: Sweetheart Mary died! (our adopted grandma who died last year)

At lunch when John's Dad was going to pour some ketchup for her:
John's Dad: Tell me when.....
Julia: Right now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet Baby Love

It should be legal to speed if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have 4 or more children in your car
  • You are the only adult in the car with aforementioned children
  • One of your children has a friend with them (which means yelling has to be kept to a minimum)
  • Your 3 week old screams non-stop
  • Your 17 month old is covering her ears, crying for your 3 week old to be quiet
  • Your 4 year old and 7 year old are telling knock knock jokes and pulling fingers with their friend
  • All the older children think it would be funny to imitate the 3 week old baby crying
  • Veggie Tales music is blasting on the speakers to make the crying stop or to at least drown it out (neither one worked)
  • Your sole purpose is to go through the drive through at McDonalds

Don't you think speeding would be ok if someone were to meet all of that criteria???

John David's School Party

I did get to go to the party today. It was nice to see who John David's friends are. FYI, in the slideshow, Brooklyn, John David's "Valentine", is the little girl sitting in the rocking chair.
The video is of a game they played where they were blindfolded and had to guess which friend was talking to them. They loved it.....

Happy Valentine's Day

We had lots of fun making our own Valentine cards this year. Julia chose a flower card and John David did a candy airplane. They are both having their parties at school today. I might get to go to John David's party if I have the car back in time. Both of them were so excited this morning. Party day!

Did you notice the plane that says To: John From: John? He was sure to make one for himself. =)

(Sorry, I didn't get the camera out when John David was making his. We were too busy having fun!)

Pizza Night

Aulora LOVES pizza. I would love it more if she didn't get soooo messy eating it. In picture number two, she thought it would be fun to play peek-a-boo with it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kid Stuff

Here was a conversation we had at the table during after school snack time:

John David: You wanna know who my Valentine is?

Mommy: You have a Valentine?

John David: Yes.

Mommy: It's me!

John David: You'll always be my Valentine. But I have another one.

Mommy: Ohhhh....Who is it?

John David: Brooklyn!

Mommy: Who's that?

John David: She's in my class at school.

Mommy: Why is she your Valentine?

John David: Because we like each other! When I told her I liked her, she said she liked me too!

Mommy: What do you like about her?

John David: I just like her. We have fun playing together.

Julia: Do you know who my Valentine is?

Mommy: Me?

Julia: No-oooo....

Mommy: Daddy?

Julia: No-ooo.....It's John David!

Mommy: Oh...That's sweet!

John David: Is Lover Boy Isaac your Valentine too???

Julia: YES!!!! Hahahahaha!

(As a side note, John David made sure he did Brooklyn's Valentine first this afternoon. In fact, he wanted it to be perfect so he did it twice. I've never seen neater handwriting!)


The kids are going back on their charts tomorrow morning. I made them over the last couple of days and showed them this afternoon. They're both excited about it although Julia is more excited than John David. We practiced getting checks today. If they get a certain number of checks every week then they get to choose from a list of rewards that is on the bottom of their chart. (FYI, a trip to the dollar store is no longer impressive once they turn 7 years old. Bummer.)

One of the things on Julia's chart is "Eat dinner without a fuss". She has been getting better little by little at eating what we are having for dinner. The problem is that it's still with lots of drama. There was a huge improvement in this area tonight, as we were practicing getting checks. Julia is quite determined to earn her reward. (She has already chosen a trip to the movie store to rent a movie.)

I'm full of ideas on discipline and shaping behavior now that I've finished reading the book I borrowed from the library. I'm starting with the chart (not an idea from the book) and we'll see what needs to happen after that. I'm eager to try some of the techniques. Good stuff, I'm telling you. The book is called, "How to Raise Kids You Want To Keep" by Dr. ____ Day. I can't remember his first name right now. As soon as I try something, I'll post the results.

Ok, American Idol on DVR is calling me. Gotta go.........

Monday, February 11, 2008

Stuff of My Day

Today was Joshua's 2 week check-up. He's "hunky dory" says his doctor. He weighs 8 pounds now - so he has gained about 12 ounces since leaving the hospital. His jaundice is fine so he doesn't have to keep tanning in the window every day. They had to do that mean heel prick blood test and for some reason his foot wouldn't bleed very well. So the nurse pricked his heel repeatedly and squeezed and mashed his little foot for what seemed like hours. He screamed the WHOLE time. Poor little boy.

Oh, by the way, it took over 2 hours to get in and out of the office. Blah.


Today a lady asked me how old I was. I told her I was almost 28 and she was amazed. She thought I was only 17 or 18. I'm going to wear these clothes every day and keep my hair in a pony tail. So take that, 30.


I have a really funny story to tell about John's mom but she's paying me off not to tell. =) Suffice it to say that she thoroughly embarrassed herself on the stage at the Valentine's banquet Saturday night. She was quite the shade of red.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

30 Times

As a result of complaining and arguing this morning, John David was given 30 sentences to write. He was not thrilled with this punishment (obviously) and I gave him the option of paying his way out. He has a coin jar that counts the money as it's put in so he has been saving up for awhile. I offered him a deal to pay $5 for each of his 10 sentences he was given - $15 total. I never dreamed he would take me up on this offer, but he did. Very eagerly, I might add. I tried to explain why that would be a poor choice, but his mind was made up. So he handed over his money and was quite happy.

I shared the story with Daddy later and he talked to John David. The boy changed his mind. The sentences were going to read "I will not argue or complain." John had a better idea though. So 30 times John David wrote, "I will not altercate or bellyache." I had to laugh. He's going to rock on his SAT vocab one day. =)

Joshua - 16 Days Old

It Was Bound To Happen....

We finally got a red headed baby! He is his father's son.

Big Brother & Big Sister

Aulora's New Hair Do

I'm so proud!

My 4 year old can expertly sort laundry and tell you what temperature water to wash them on and why. Now we just have to wait for her to grow a couple of feet and get a little stronger.

Or I guess we could put her on steroids and buy her a stool.

Just Kidding.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bye To The Pouch

I wore "normal" pants yesterday for the first time in months. It was an exciting moment in the closet when I realized I got to use buttons and a zipper! And I also got to wear a normal shirt - a new one at that. =) If only I had more than one pair of normal pants to wear....

***"Normal" does not = my usual size. It just means non-prego. Too bad, huh?***

Funny Blog

I came across this hilarious blog this morning. Check it out!
Be sure to read about the violations on the right side.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Lumpy La

Man, I am so chic. I went to Walmart today. Before leaving, I nursed Joshua really well. I have yet to buy any nursing pads and I had already changed my clothes once this morning due to that fact. So, I shoved a bunch of tissues in my bra. I forgot about those wadded up tissues until I was pulling out of the Walmart parking lot. I told you. Chic.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Objects in Picture.....

appear larger than they actually are.

My mom mentioned it and now Northern A commented about the huge bite of meatloaf we made Julia eat. It actually wasn't that big. The fork with the bite was right in front of the camera so it just looked super big. It was indeed a small bite. And unfortunately, it wouldn't matter anyway. She makes herself gag whether it's huge or tiny. What's a momma to do? =)

My New Project

I don't know if it's me or my children, but lately their behavior has not been the greatest. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm very outnumbered and Daddy is gone 3 days of the week every week. He's always been the stronger disciplinarian in our family.

While we were at the library on Tuesday, I got a couple of books on discipline. I was looking for Dr. Dobson's book about strong willed children (i.e. Julia) but it was checked out. But I did find some other things and so far the one I'm reading now is great. I haven't really started implementing anything because I want to read more first, but I'm excited about whipping my children into shape. (Should I clarify that I don't mean literally whipping them? Although that's what they make me want to do sometimes.) For the life of me, I don't know why I've never read a book on this subject before. I'll let you know how it goes.

A Fun Game

My mom sent this game link to me for John David thinking he would like to play it. He did enjoy the game, but I have to be honest. I am far more addicted to this stupid little helicopter flying game than he is. If you have a lot to do right now then DO NOT click this link. You won't get anything else done! If you have a few minutes then try it out. My high score was a little over 1,000. Let me know if you beat it........

My new high score is 1558. Oh yea, just try to beat that one.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sibling Hazing

Poor Aulora. John David and Julia ganged up on her as they were getting ready for bed. All she wanted to do was brush her teeth. How sad - and yet so cute and funny all at once. =)


Last night we had meatloaf for dinner and, as usual, Julia had to eat at least one bite. And of course, as usual, we had to endure the drama that comes along with enforcing that rule. She wasn't allowed to have another roll until she ate her meatloaf. I am NOT a picky eater. Why in the world am I being punished for my husband's pickiness??? Arghhhhh.......

***These pictures are not too attractive. Sorry.***

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

At the Library

Today was ballet lesson day in the library building. After the lesson, Julia and I looked around for a few books. She was patiently waiting for me to choose my grown up books. I was so proud of her until she declared in a really loud voice, "Mommy, my bobo is soooo itchy. Oh, it's itchy!"

I shushed her. She said in an even louder voice, "Why do I have to be quiet, Mommy? My bobo really itches!"

I've had better library visits......

Bathtime and Babies

Here's Aulora taking a bath. This is before I wet her hair. One day I'll have to remember to take a picture of this child when she wakes up in the morning. Talk about some crazy hair!

Ok, now the hair is wet. The girls normally take their bath together and they play really well. This time Aulora took a bath by herself and she wasn't too amused. She wanted out after about 2 minutes. I usually have to pull her out of the cold water as she shrieks to stay in longer.

Aulora's love these days is dolls. She calls them all "baby" and carries them around everywhere. It's absolutely adorable. Julia never played with dolls too much - I guess because she had an older brother. I'm soooo loving watching her be a little mommy to her babies.

Her favorite place to play is on the balcony. I guess she likes the view. She will take a doll or a couple of toys and be content for a long time. It's right by our desk and computer on the landing so I can keep an eye on her. If anyone is down in the living room then she waves and chatters to them. Life is just so exciting when you're 1!

I Know, I Know......

I'm quite aware that the picture on my blog is very outdated. Something about having four kids makes it not so easy to grab a quick family picture anymore. Now, if I still lived in the same town as Jenny, we would already have some new pictures. But a four hour drive probably isn't too doable for her schedule. And I can't take a family picture myself. So that means I have to find someone else to do it. And I suppose I also need to figure out coordinating clothes for all of us. That's no easy feat. Especially when you consider my pickiness. The good news is that black and white photos mean the colors don't really matter so much.

Ok. So a new blog picture. Coming soon......

Monday, February 04, 2008

Some Quick Things

  • This is my first day drug-free.
  • Aulora has been napping for almost 4 hours now.
  • John David keeps waking up with horrible leg pains and cramps. Growing pains? He finally went to school this morning at about 10:30 because I got smart and told him he couldn't go to Judo tonight if he didn't go to school. It was amazing how fast those cramps went away.
  • Julia is learning to read. Little words like hat, big, leg, dog, cat. She's obsessed with writing her name on all the hundreds of pictures she draws. I tried to teach her to write her last name today too. It was a no go. The "v" was just too difficult for some reason. We'll try again tomorrow.
  • She's excited about the fact that she can now make hats on all the people she draws. I showed her how to draw one when we sounded out the word hat. She came back in a minute with a number of heads on the paper all with a different colored hat on. It was too cute.
  • I clipped Joshua's nails for the first time today. No blood. Good job, Mommy.
  • Aulora discovered fruit snacks last night. I don't know why they're called that. They aren't fruit and they certainly shouldn't be considered appropriate snacks for kids. But whatever. I still buy them all the time because choosing which character of fruit snacks we get is the highlight of Julia's life. So now Aulora is going to be in on it too. Great......
  • I heard on the news this morning that there will be a vaccine to prevent cavities within a couple of years. Cavities are not caused by too much sugar (sugar just helps them along once they are there). They are actually caused by bacteria that adults introduce to kids. Interesting. By the time my grandkids are born, they'll have to get 100's of vaccines. =(
  • The Lost premier was advertised as being TWO hours. It was actually only one hour of new stuff. I feel ripped off.
  • I went somewhere this morning for the first time since Joshua was born. It was just taking Little to school but it still felt nice.
  • I watched Rachel Ray today. I want to go to Walmart and cook dinner. Not sure that's a good idea on my first drug-free day.
  • All of my non-maternity clothes are in storage. They are in special boxes that are supposed to be easy to get to. But they aren't. In fact, they are apparently in such a hard to reach spot that John said he would rather buy me all new clothes than try to get it. Hmmmm....I wonder if he's totally serious. He underestimates my love of shopping and new clothes. Besides, the last time I checked the bank account, we weren't exactly rolling in the dough.
  • Aulora and Joshua are both crying now. Time to go........
Oops.....I think I should rename this post.............

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Saturday Night Fun

I took off most of my bandages last night. I say most because the experience was just so stinkin' enjoyable that I wanted to save some of the fun for another time. I was just thinking that, although I've never had a wax in that general vicinity, the fun factor has got to be about even. Seriously. And I should add that I had already had the pleasure of having all the staples taken out before leaving the hospital. They take out staples and then replace them with a new form of torture for a week later. Cruel, cruel, cruel....

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Julia in Joshua's Crib

Yesterday afternoon I left the room for a couple of minutes and returned to find Julia playing with Joshua in the crib. He seemed pretty entertained. Julia has been waiting all week to play with him since she's been sick. Yesterday was the first day she went without fever and finally felt all better. At last! Of course, John David then came home from school with a fever. I can't wait until all of my babies are well at the same time!

**Not a lot of excitement in this video - you've been warned. =)**

Excitement Defined

Here's the little man awake and then yawning.
I'm telling you, life is exciting around here!