Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gotta Love That Girl

This is a collection of mischievous things Julia has done. I used to keep a sidebar updated daily here on my blog. It turns out that God does love me and has finally allowed this child to grow out of her mess-making stage (mostly). For posterity, I am posting all of these in my archives. Enjoy. =)

She used a red rubber stamper she won at Chuck E. Cheese's to stamp the window sills and the pictures on the walls. So artistic.

She emptied the whole bottle of bubble bath into the tub in order to wash her stuffed toy ducky. Daddy told her no and to leave the bathroom. She was quite determined to blow dry that wet duck though so she snuck back in and used the blow dryer. Not a good choice.

She wanted Fruity Pebbles. All adults were busy. She climbed the shelves of the pantry and got the box & carried it to the table, leaving a huge trail of cereal behind her. The milk soon followed.

Put both big kids to bed tonight. Went in later to put Aulora down only to find baby dolls and toys everywhere and Julia in the crib snoring.

She decided she wanted to wash Strawberry Shortcake's hair. She put herself and her doll into the bathtub and got the doll wet. She soaped SS up in the sink and then rinsed and styled. Yea for water all over the floor, counter, and her clothes.

Well, today she was an artist. We had some glitter glue left over from a school project and I thought to myself, "Self, you better hide those from you know who." So I hid them way up in a pretty glass bowl where she would never find them. But find them she did. And today she decorated the grapes that were sitting out to snack on. Somehow, the glitter just didn't make them look more appealing.

I caught her hiding out in her bedroom wearing only her panties and going wild on a dum dum spree. She tried to cram the sucker sticks in her mouth really quick when I walked in so I wouldn't know. hahahaha. Serves her right. =)

I went in tonight to make sure she was covered up and asleep. I found white goopy stuff all over the soap bottle, the towel, in the sink and on the counter. My nose is stopped up so I couldn't really smell it to know what it was. I started looking around to find the source and finally found my tub of body butter open on the floor with big empty spots where she had scooped it out. Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

This is a gross one.....we were looking through old pictures together on the computer today. We came across one that I took solely for the purpose of one day proving to her what a horrible child she was to potty train. It was a picture of a perfect little poopoo log sitting on my bookshelf. I still have no idea how she did it, but she did. I have the picture to prove it. Anyway, a couple hours after looking at pictures I found her naked in my room. Naked+Julia=Trouble. Every time. Before I could even get an explanation I could smell it. Oh yes. "WHERE'S THE POOPOO? TELL ME NOW!" That child pooped another perfect little poopoo right on my floor beside my dresser. She tried to hide it by putting my purse and a basket in front of it. Man I was mad. She got a spanking for that one. I have no doubt that if my bookshelf wasn't in storage she would have pooped on it, just like in the picture. Gross......

Poor little Alex, the elephant webkin that lives in our house, got a bath today. He didn't want one, but he got one anyway. The bathroom looked so lovely afterwards. There were dirty footprints in the tub, water all over the floor, wet towels strewn about, and of course, the soggy wet elephant himself sitting on my bathroom counter. All because she wanted him to smell so nice and pretty. Gotta love it.

The mess of choice last night after she was supposed to be in bed was getting up and putting toothpaste on all the toothbrushes. She doesn't have very good aim though so there was toothpaste on the counter and the drawers too. A big goopey sticky blue mess I got to find the next morning. Maybe I should chain her to her bed at night. Or at least put a big cowbell around her neck.

Oh my word. All I can say is lipstick, nail polish and lip gloss. I was RIGHT there in the room and she still managed to be destructo girl. I need a nap.

She was hiding out in my closet tonight when it was bedtime. What was she doing? She had taken the bulletin board off the wall I use to hang my jewelry (yeah, I know I'm fancy) and she was playing with all of it. She "just wanted to wear a pretty pink necklace". So now there's necklaces and bracelets ALL over my closet floor. Ughhhhhh.....

She wanted some Frosted Flakes because she was "starving" and I wasn't RIGHT THERE so she took matters in her own hands. I came running when I heard a big crash. She had gone into the pantry, closed the door behind her, climbed on top of the trashcan, grabbed the cereal box and then fell off the trashcan. This caused cereal and trash to go everywhere and knocked over lots of bottles and kid cups. Arghhhh.......

Sunday morning I dressed the girls in beautiful new (to us) matching dresses that were very expensive. (Not that I myself paid lots for them. I'm a bargain shopper!) They both looked so pretty and I was a happy mommy. We got to church and I looked down to discover that Julia's beaded flower that went on the front of the dress was gone. GONE! She had taken it apart, petal by petal, and left nothing but the silver backing in its place. I still haven't found the petals. Arghhhhh.

We got out of the van a few days ago to hand the girls over to a babysitter and the babysitter's mom looked down and noticed that Julia's panties were hanging from the cuff of her blue jeans!?! That was a funny moment. They must have gotten misplaced when she went potty. =)

It never fails - when we're at Chuck E. Cheese's, as soon as I say we're leaving Julia runs and gets inside the playplace equipment. At least she's now old enough to understand when I use mommy sign language to tell her to get her booty down NOW.!

Yesterday Julia was rubbing lotion on my legs. She was having a great time while I watched tv so I wasn't paying too much attention. When it was time for me to get up she said,"hehehehe! You have sticky legs! hehehehe!" She just kept giggling like that and proudly told me that she had rubbed apple juice on my legs. "hehehehehe!"

Playdough on my bed. On my bedspread. Do I need to elaborate?

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