Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Colorado Part 2 - On the Lake

One day we went out on the lake with one of my mom's co-workers and his wife. They were wonderful hosts and treated us just like family.

Here's Joshua with "Captain Meader" driving the boat.

John David and Julia went out on the inner tube.

John David was getting into it!

Uh-oh! That wasn't a good tube and they both ended up in the cold water. Julia was terrified and very glad she had a life jacket on.

Joshua was busy enjoying some snacks. That boy has some hair.

Dodie and Aulora - is that a carrot he's holding?

A little family of geese came to visit us and the kids shared some of their lunch.

Colorado Part 1

Our time in Colorado is over and now begins the massive catch up posting.

Aulora was playing the accordion while wearing a pretend McDonald's drive through headset.

Julia was helping to tuck Aulora in.
(Notice the santa hat.)

Goodnight, Boo!

Dodie and Julia played an Ode to Joy duet.

We stopped at Garden of the Gods on our way back from Colorado Springs.

I'm not sure who's having more fun - my dad or Joshua.

More to come......

You're Bald!

In the interest of randomness I thought I would post this old picture of John David. He was four years old and the day before we were leaving for a vacation to California he found Daddy's beard trimmers and gave himself a haircut. The result was similar to a runway in the middle of his head. I cried and then pulled myself together and took him to the barber shop to get his hair all shaved off. It was the only fix.

This picture is after his hair had grown back in some because he was totally bald at first. We had many sympathetic looks at Disneyland from people who must have mistaken him for a chemo patient. I was very thankful for fast growing hair.

One final thought......

Friday, June 11, 2010

I've Been Informed.....

that even though I'm on vacation I still should update my blog.


We're still on vacation.

It's wonderful.

We're about to go on a mini-vacation from our big vacation.

I wish the weather wasn't turning cold and rainy this weekend for our trip into the mountains.

I wish my husband was going with us.

I bet my husband wishes he was going with us too (especially since he is enduring 100+ temperatures in Arizona and we are packing sweaters and jackets for this trip!).

I should get my hiney out of this chair and go load up the car. (Again, I wish my husband was going with us - he's a great car loader!!!)

I sincerely hope this post constitutes as update enough.....=)