Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tea House in Tulsa (AKA Julia's Kissing Spree)

One day in Tulsa, the girls all dressed up and went to a tea house for lunch. It was an old house turned into a tea room - so cute and quaint! And picture perfect! I didn't get to take near as many shots as I would have liked, plus it was hot, but as my kids often say, "Take what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

"Gran, I'll kiss you like this all you want if we get to keep having delicious tea parties!"

This cracks me up - look at the hold Julia has on Aulora and the look on Aulora's face is great.

Aunt Kara is loved!

Can you tell which girl this is? Most guess Aulora.....but it's Julia.

Mimi with Julia and Aulora
(finally....a picture where Julia isn't trying to kiss someone!)

Pretty Boo!

Gran and the kids - uh, Joshua, what are you doing?

Aulora gets in on the action

Mimi and Aulora

Mimi and Aulora....again

"I refuse to sit still and pose for a picture at a tea house!"

Mommy gets in a shot!

I love these babies

I really feel that I need a big white porch swing now.
(Then again, maybe a porch first.)

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