Monday, October 25, 2010

I Couldn't Be Prouder

This morning started early. It was still pitch black when we left home and headed to a conference with Julia's teacher. I knew she was doing great in school, but she's doing even better than we thought. Her teacher bragged and bragged on her - not just on her academic abilities, but also on her character. I am just so proud of her today. According to her teacher she is a "dream student". Well, I say she's a "dream daughter" too! How blessed I am!

Our neighbors are good friends and the kids have a lot of fun playing together. Julia and Will have made a "club house" behind some of the big bushes in our front flower bed. They always are so excited to get the club decorated and everything is very official with snacks and a mailbox too. They're great buddies.

Here's Julia practicing Pop Goes the Weasel with Olivia's help a couple of nights ago.

I would have never guessed that you would be getting such incredibly glowing reports when we were enduring all of THIS! You have made me proud......
I love you, Jupie!!


  1. All of the buttons just popped right off my shirt! Man I love that girl!

  2. props to her mama, for pushing through!! :)