Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Box Store

The kids' newest love is setting up boxes and a card table to make a store for their friends. It was John David's idea but Julia (and sometimes a girl from the neighborhood) help run it. It's entertaining to watch them set it all up and try to get customers. John David has a dinosaur puppet that he really loves that should only be priced for no more than a dollar. But he has priced it at $15 because he doesn't want to part with it. He figures if someone is willing to pay $15 then maybe he could give it up.

They've made one big sale (a ds game) and some minor sales (silly bands and small toys).
I'm sure our neighbors will be glad when the shop closes for good since their small children keep wanting to buy things. (Hi neighbor!)

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  1. Too cute! I will not be letting Faith see this post;)