Wednesday, June 06, 2012

New Beginnings

I think an update is in order. We arrived in Texas two weeks ago and all our things came a few days after that. It's strange to be in such a huge city after living in smaller cities for so long. South Bend seems like the hill country compared to where we are now. We still miss that "hill country", but things are wonderful here too. New friends are being made (John David is blessed enough to have a boy his same age right next door even), a new church has been found (had lunch with the pastor and his wife on Sunday), boxes are unpacked, and new routines are being established. We joined a fitness club that is amazing and that has become a mostly daily activity for the whole family. I also love having my brother and sister-in-law close by and of course John's parents too since we live with them!

 Soon my attention will turn towards getting ready for the upcoming school year, but for now the break is nice. I hate that the end of this past year ended like it did - no definite "last day" with celebrations. The move and house selling (which is still ongoing) took over everything. This summer we are still working on piano, reading, Bible memory (John David is doing Matthew and Julia will start something else soon), and our Rosetta Stone Spanish program is on its way. The kids won't like it, but I will also be adding in a math sheet here and there. =)

I will post a few pictures of our new place soon. We are so blessed!



  1. :) Thanks for the update! I was wondering how things were going.
    Lauren goes to camp next week! I may take a trip somewhere since she will be gone all week!
    Will John be doing A-League this coming year? I am sure whatever he does, he will be GREAT!

    1. Hi Barb! A trip sounds nice - when my big two go to camp I'm going with them. No nice trip for me! ;) There are a couple of different options for where John David will be quizzing so I'm not sure yet. Our church doesn't have a program, but we have two close friends who have programs not far away so we'll see. Either way it should be a great year! Have fun on your break next week. =)