Thursday, February 06, 2014

It's All Coming Back To Me

We loved living in Indiana. Really, we did. The seasons were beautiful and we even have lovely memories of all the fires and cozy nights during winter. We have missed it so much. 

And then it snowed today. A lot, actually, for Texas. 

A very short time later I remembered the unlovely parts of an Indiana winter. 

Bitter cold. 

Clearing the elements off the car before you could leave. 

Driving painfully slow. 

Freezing your booty off even with the seat heater on that normally burns you. 

Messy car floors. 

Messy house floors. 

Messy bathroom. (Somehow that's the weather's fault. I'm still working on how.)

BUT, it is still beautiful and the kids love it so much! They must be freezing right now, but they're working on a snowman anyway. Their Texas gear doesn't protect them from wet snow too much! (Can you tell I took this from inside?)

And right about now I'm noticing my six year old is wearing wet shoes and NO socks. I guess my post is over! 

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