Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Been Awhile

It's been quite some time since my last entry - all I can say is that it's directly related to how busy life has become. Things have calmed down now since we're in town though. We went to Wichita Falls for spring break (when I say "we" I mean myself and the kids - John went to Colorado for a Bible Quiz tournament). Then last week I took the kids to Dallas and then Austin to see my parents as well as to go to Jeremy's concert. (His band was one of the final five in an Austin radio station competition and so they got to play in concert. Check out their music here: They were contacted afterwards by an agent and the radio station wanted their cd to play on the air! Yea, Jeremy!!! I'm proud of you!!!

While we were in Austin, John went to the A&M game with his brothers and dad in San Antonio. They were so excited and had lots of fun even though the Aggies lost by 1 point! I'll post some pictures later from that night.

John David is doing great in school. He doesn't bring home a happy face every day but he's learning. He had to go to the principal's office one day a couple of weeks ago for behavior that has definitely received mixed reviews. Most of the males in our family wanted to high 5 him (with the exception of his daddy)! I have no idea where he learned such a thing from but I'm confident that, after the spanking he earned, there won't be any repeat performances. I haven't posted about it before because I for one am not proud that my son mooned some boys at school but in the spirit of being open and honest on this blog, I decided to mention it. =)

We also had to deal with him kissing a girl in his class. When it was all said and done we learned that it was the girl who was asking for the kisses and even telling him to lie about it so they wouldn't get in trouble. He told her no, he wouldn't lie, because satan is the father of lies! We've had many talks since then (we actually had some before too but apparently they weren't good enough) and we are drilling into him that he has to save his kisses for his wife one day.

His reading is wonderful and as long as he pays attention he does excellent. His attention span has improved alot though. We are considering where to send him next year for first grade. The options are Cornerstone again, Ambleside ( a classical school we wanted to send him to last year but they filled up), or homeschooling. We're still thinking......

Julia is quite the three year old these days. She likes to do things by herself (including going potty which is nice) and she's not quite so demanding. She makes a pretty good "shopping buddy" which really helps me out. A couple of weeks ago I was trying on some shoes at the mall and she decided to do it too. She put on an adult pair of sparkly sandals and pranced around asking how they looked. I wish I had my camera with me because it was just too cute. =)

She loves to help me do things - cooking, cleaning, laundry - anything! She's a wonderful little snuggle buddy and is incrdedible sweet. But don't be fooled - she keeps John David in his place! Unfortunately she has taken up screaming when she wants something and it's not pleasant. We are working on that problem so hopefully it won't last much longer. But I can tell you that it's quite tempting to just give her whatever she wants as quickly as possible just so you don't have to hear the scream. It's just awful!

John David and Julia both adore Aulora and they love to hear her laugh. She has finally mastered rolling over and it shouldn't be long until she can sit up. Her hair is filling in and she remains a wonderfully easygoing baby. She's laying in my lap asleep right now. Her little lips are still moving and I know she's having sweet dreams.

Many mornings we wake up with all three of them in our bed with us and although it's terribly uncomfortable, I can't help but love it. What could be better than being squished on all sides by the precious little babies that you love? Just to hear them breathe and to feel their warm legs tangled up with your own. To see them dreaming or their little lips sucking. To watch them open up their little eyes and exclaim "It's a bright and sunny day!". It's all amazing. Yes, I might get more sleep when they are all grown up one day but I know that I will look back on these tiresome nights with a smile on my face and a longing in my heart to experience it all again. I love these babies!!!

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