Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's Already

Unbelievable! It's April already! The best part of spring for me is that our trees bloom again and the bare branches of winter are no more. My trees are what I love most about my home and I love them so much more when they are full of life - leaves, nuts, nests, birds of all colors landing and flying around the feeder, squirrels, cats, and sometimes even lizards over a foot long! Tomorrow I'm going to plant flowers in all the pots and hanging baskets and I can't wait to see it when it's done. It will be so pretty! If I had my camera I would even take a picture but my camera is sitting in Wichita Falls where it was left by someone who will remain anonymous at this time. =)

John David played an April Fool's joke on me today. When church was almost over, one of our teens looked over and said, "You have a clothespin on your shirt!" When I looked, sure enough, there it was. Then I remembered John David doing something as I was getting Julia dressed earlier. When I showed it to him in the lobby afterwards he said, "April Fool's!" He was quite amused with himself. What a funny little guy. He really makes me smile.

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