Friday, February 20, 2009

Joshua's First Birthday

Joshua, you were a surprise but what a gift you have been. My favorite part of the day is going in your room when you first wake up. Your happiness is so contagious. I love the way you study my face and when I'm holding you close you put your chubby hands on my cheeks. I love your little body and your red hair. The way you get excited and say my name when I get you out of the car is so wonderful. You, my precious boy, make me a very happy mommy. Happy Birthday!!!

The birthday party wasn't quite what I had planned it to be, but it was a celebration of my baby boy's first year of life so it was great!

We were supposed to eat at Chili's at 2:00 and then go to Maggie Moo's for his cake afterwards. The people at Chili's told me wrong on the phone and we ended up not getting a table for close to an hour (not a good thing with little children in the mix) and Maggie Moo's was WAY too crowded afterward. Gran saved the day by running into the store and getting a cake and Blue Bell ice cream and we went back home instead. All our family was in town and we were all together so in the end, it was all okay. My Martha Stewart-ish wanna-be-self got over it!

Here's the birthday boy eating some pizza at Chili's.
I thought he should have ordered some baby back ribs. Oh well....

He was quite entertained and happy for awhile.....

....but we did have to break out his present from Uncle Maka and Aunt Kara. It was a bag full of yummy snacks! They know their nephew well - he loves to eat!!!

Back at the house, he was not at all impressed with the party hat.

We had to talk him into not crying during his birthday song too. (We actually sang it a couple of times so he wouldn't be screaming when it was time to blow out the candle.)

He didn't know what to think at first.

He soon realized the chocolatey goodness.

The piece of cake didn't stand a chance! He squished it to smithereens.

I have to admit, it looked fun. Kind of like squishing your feet into mud.

Here he is licking the plate. Yeah, that was good cake.

Gran and D bought him his very own rocking horse. He loves it - as do his siblings.

Thanks Gran and D!

Aunt Kara and Joshua

Uncle Maka and Joshua

Mommy and Daddy with their boy!

My parents got him a new high chair too. He so needed that! Thank you Granmamma and Dodie!


  1. oh my! he's one already??? time sure does fly...

    and what's up with John's hair? he looks like that one BeeJee guy... ROFL!!!

  2. Awwwwwww. He's so big and SOOOOOO cute!!!

  3. Wow! He really looks alot more like JohnDavid than he did when he was really little. You're going to have two sets of clones, it would appear. The years between the boy set may make it less obvious.