Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Poor Babies

Both my babies have ear infections - terrible ear infections. I feel so sad and so very, very bad! Their little ears were apparently about to rupture it was so bad, but I had no idea. Well, I had an idea and that's why I was trying to get them into a doctor, but I had no idea it was this bad. =( They are both so sweet and easy going and I never dreamed they felt so bad. How can anyone act so sweet when they feel so bad???

I wasn't able to get them into a doctor (offices closed due to ice, busy office anyway that's almost impossible to get into, coverage ended January 31st), but a wonderful nurse practitioner from our church who is also a dear friend of Sandy's, came to our house last night with her equipment. She immediately called in a prescription and now those babies are on the road to recovery. What a HUGE blessing she was!

Now I have two kid-free hours to get some things done since all are in school except Joshua who is napping. Better get busy!

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