Sunday, August 08, 2010

Bubble Bath

John David wanted nothing more than to take advantage of the brand new bath tub at his grandparents' house. A few facts to note:
The bathtub had jets.
I left him alone - he is almost 10, afterall.
There were bottles of bubble bath beside the tub.
Two year old little brothers love bubbles too.
The pictures do the amount of bubbles absolutely NO justice!

A small video I took before I was discovered. I had a funnier one but it would require some blurred areas and I don't know how to do that. =)


  1. Doh, La .... um, though guys may like bubble baths as well (wait, who said that????) .... we are likely to lose our man card even before it's issued if pics like these start floating around too early LOL ... cute pics still, but ... um .... guys, bubble baths, internet, pics .... maybe these things don't always go together? How are you guys doing??? :D

  2. Casey, I was nice and didn't post the ones I really wanted to. =) John David approved these pictures and the video though. Besides, he's very much still a boy not a man. If someone goes snooping around one day for something on him then they could definitely find much more embarrassing things. ;)

    We're doing good, but we will for sure be glad when the law school phase is done!