Thursday, August 05, 2010

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin (AKA Adventures in Potty Training)

I've been planning on potty training Joshua once school started, but on a whim we bought everything at Target the other day. Training a fourth child is much different than the first, second, or even third. Read on and you'll see why.

Checking out the new frog potty.

Trying on the Diego underwear he picked out.
(He also got Toy Story 3! Yea Buzz and Woody!!!)

Sorry, couldn't resist a little bobo shot.

That's one proud boy!

Time to see if he can produce some results.

Poor guy - I hope he doesn't suffer from paruresis.

Nope, he did it! His first time on the potty and he did it. Yea!

Let's change underwear and then.......

do it again!

Group hug!

**Joshua is 2 1/2 years old. We aren't using any stickers or anything else other than clapping and high fiving. He's only had a couple of very minor accidents, but even then he stops and runs to his potty. I'm hoping I bought the last pack of diapers. I've had 1 (and at some times 2) kids in diapers for almost 10 years straight!


  1. casen is close to the same age and all out refuses! i can see this is not going to be an easy road for us. glad it seems better for you!

  2. Crys - if it makes you feel better, Julia was like Casen. (Actually, if you've been following my blog since Julia was little then this will probably NOT make you feel better. She was HORRIBLE to potty train!) I just don't think it's a big deal if they aren't potty trained by this age. I kind of think the longer you wait the easier it is. I've been very surprised at how quickly Joshua has taken to it. I hope it gets better with Casen!

  3. I think I'm waiting until Ben is 3. It took SO long with the other 2 and it seemed like at 3 years, a lightbulb turned on and they got it. Potty training is one of the most difficult parts of parenting.
    ~mom of 3 little ones, reserving right to change mind in later yeaars~