Monday, July 11, 2011

Riding the Go Kart

John David got a go kart for Christmas so of course he loves riding it whenever he visits Gran and D's house. He's always happy to give rides.

Joshua was helping to cheer on the riders when it wasn't his turn.

We told Gran she needed to ride.
We had to twist her arm a little, but we got her in!

This video is of Gran and John David riding.

And then some of the kids riding.

John gave me a ride a few days ago and, while it was fun, it was scary! He goes much faster than John David is allowed to go and I was holding on for my life. Especially since I know he flipped it and was hurt pretty badly over Christmas break because he went so fast! I was happy when he delivered me safely back to the driveway. =)

PS. I'm risking my life by posting these pictures and video. A certain adult did not want them published! I can't help myself though!

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