Monday, March 26, 2012

Joshua's 4th Birthday

It's March and Joshua's birthday was in January. Yes, well. Moving right along....
We went to Chuck E. Cheese's with just the family during the week so we mostly had the place to ourselves!

He wanted a Star Wars birthday. See his shirt? It says, "Judge me by my size do you?" It's a really cute Yoda shirt from Disney Land. John David was wearing the same one.

Aulora got Joshua this mask. Captain America I think?

Julia gave him his present early (a stuffed talking Yoda) so I don't have pictures of it. She loves giving presents and has a hard time waiting until it's time. =)
John David bought Joshua a little lego set with his own money. He was so proud to give it to him and Joshua loved it!

And of course it came with a free lego lesson.

His present from us was the Batcave.

He wanted that thing for so long and it was so much fun to give it to him! We had him close his eyes and wish really hard for what he wanted. While his eyes were closed I set it in front of him. We were rewarded with some great squeals and smiles!

Thank you, Daddy! I love you!

Mommy made it in a picture!

For the rest of our time there he mostly just played at the booth with his new Batcave. He didn't care about Chuck E. Cheese's at all. =)

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