Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The 2012 Pinewood Derby

This was our second year to do the pinewood derby and Julia wanted to join the fun this time around. Both of the kids' cars did great!

They owed their success to Daddy, who spent quite a while embedding the weights in their cars so they would be as aerodynamic as possible.

Grandmamma and Dodie came over to watch the races even though they were in the middle of moving!

I was happy to pose with my winners!

I think that's John David's car on the left. Isn't the paint car neat?
Daddy had been in Washington D.C. and wasn't supposed to get home until later that day. When we walked into the gym after church there he was! He stayed up all night and caught an early, early morning flight home. Yea Daddy!

John David's best friend who lives on our street came with us to help cheer him on.

Aulora and Joshua entertained themselves by riding around on a big tricycle. The big kids may or may not have ridden around also.

It was a fun day! I hope that there will be pinewood derby races where we live next year!

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