Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trip to Curious Kids Museum

A few weeks ago I took the kids to a museum about an hour away in Michigan. The older two had been a couple of times before with their old school, but the younger two had never been.

We went on a Thursday and I expected the crowd to be low. Mostly, I was hoping there wouldn't be a school field trip going on!

We had the whole place to ourselves! Not another kid anywhere. =) It made it super easy to watch all four monkeys.

The museum sits right by the beach. There are actually two buildings so we played on the beach after visiting the first one.

Aulora learned how to make a simple cartoon drawing.

Julia and Joshua practiced being news anchors.

Aulora could have played right here all day.

All of these pieces were magnetic.

John David was hiding from Julia.

This was a miniature grocery store. There were also "apple trees" you could pick apples from in this room. After they were picked you could wheel the apples over to a chute, turn a wheel, and crank them back to the trees.

Boo picks an apple.

Awww....this is what Mommy wanted to do!

John David was lifting a bubble up and around himself!

Joshua the astronaut.

Pretending to be veterinarians.

Face painting.

Julia first did a turtle I think. She changed her mind though and started over, making him a puppy instead. (As you can see in other pictures.)

That will be $32 please!

Running the store and the apple orchard was fun for everyone. I was secretly wondering how much longer this statement will be true as I looked at how big John David is getting.

This was a wonderful day! The sweetness, the bonds that were strengthened, the unity. I loved it.

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