Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Joshua and School

Joshua is still just four, but I really do try to educate him at least a little. He doesn't seem to think it's too very necessary though. He has his own desk just like the other kids, but he is never thrilled to use it. He would rather hang around the house or lay on an exercise ball in his Gran's room.

Here is a shot Gran took of him during his Classical Conversations class a couple of Mondays ago. See all of the other kids standing up doing the hand motions? See Joshua on the floor on the left? 

Here he is holding a jar with an egg in vinegar. It was the science experiment on Monday. (If you've never seen what happens to an egg after a few days in vinegar you should try it!) 

Even though for the most part he acts like he isn't listening and doesn't want to do things, he is learning. He can recite the timeline so far (with minimal help and if he's in the mood) and he can do a lot of other things from our memory work too. I don't get to be in his class since I teach another one, but I hear that sometimes when the other kids don't know the answer he will finally pipe up. 

I snagged a quick video today of him answering the science question from week 1. This one is by far his favorite and he goes around singing it. I think the video shows quite a bit of the contrary side of his personality! Not to mention that he answered in his annoying high pitched voice! I'll have to capture something a little sweeter next time around...


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