Saturday, May 04, 2013

My Secret Keeper Girl

This past Tuesday evening I took Julia to Secret Keeper Girls Live! It was a great night for the just the two of us. Have you ever heard of Secret Keeper Girls? 
Here's the definition from their website: 

"Well, she’s a lot of things. And she’s NOT a lot of things. She’s NOT a mean girl. She’s a girl whose friendships are full of kindness. She’s NOT boy crazy. Moms, can I get an Amen? She a girl who knows she can share all of her heart-secrets with her mom at any time. She’s also a girl who embraces modesty. Why? Because she knows that she is a masterpiece created by God. She strives to keep the deepest secrets of her authentic beauty a secret!" 

I highly recommend all of the resources available from Dannah Gresh and SKG. Their website has tour information as well as a lot of other great stuff.

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