Saturday, August 10, 2013

Aulora Steps Up

I went out for a few hours today and left the kids home with John. Julia is out of town so it was just John David, Aulora, and Joshua.

Now, John had work to do so he was on our bed reading and writing.

John David is his own man so he was doing his thing, studying and playing on the computer.

Aulora and Joshua were buddies. They built a Mario Kart track and played with dolls. (Yes, Joshua helps with the dolls. Hush.) They colored and watched Arthur on Netflix. They fed the dog and made some other random messes. And apparently they worked up an appetite.

Aulora decided they shouldn't tell Daddy they were hungry since he was working. So she made their own lunch.

For Joshua, she made a popcorn sandwich, an apple, and a nutrigrain bar.

For herself she found her leftover box of spaghetti and put it on a plate.

She was one proud little girl when she told me all about it. I guess next time I'll leave her in charge instead of Daddy. =)

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