Saturday, August 31, 2013

School Time is Here Again

Julia is hard at work on her first IEW paper. She's my little perfectionist.
This is Joshua on our first day of CC for the year. He has made incredible improvements since last year. He was very attentive and participated in everything. Last year he mostly just wanted to lay on the floor or hide under the table!
This is our All About Reading and Spelling board at home. Julia had just finished writing a grammar chart.
Joshua likes math!
A closer look at the board shows a special message from Julia. Haha! Mommy agrees! :) (Click the picture if you can't see the whole sentence.)
I've yet to capture a picture of Aulora doing work, but she did take this picture of her crayons. That girl is all about the artwork! 
This is one of my favorites (again, you have to click the picture):

Another message from Julia! My sweet girl!

And if you're wondering about John David, I will have a post about what he's up to next week!

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