Friday, November 28, 2008

I Missed Out

....or so it seems anyway. This is the first year in I don't know how long that I haven't gone Black Friday shopping. I think I'm glad I didn't go, but it seems like I surely must have missed all kinds of good shopping. The remembrance of extreme exhaustion after that early morning madness was my main motivation for skipping out this time. I would have gone for sure if I could have come back home and gone back to bed, but we all know that wasn't happening! Besides, my shopping buddy wasn't with me this year. She was in Colorado not shopping too.

So now I'm getting ready to go to bed and I'm really itching for some shopping! Did anyone get any incredible bargains?


  1. no me and my posse did not get any awesome deals. i was in the market for two Nintendo ds. i saved about $20 dollars a piece on them.

    i have never been to walmart first on black friday. it was awful. we got to the store at 4:20 to stand in line for the bundle pack on the ds'.

    there were people who got there at 4:50 and proceeded to push their way up to the counter. it was awful. there was screaming and shouting. had my sister in law not been where she was, my getting there early would have not mattered.

    i can tell you i will not go there first anymore. i was in san angelo.

  2. We got some great deals. I won't elaborate because it really is a long list.

    We had Poppi watch the kids and then went to Ihop for breakfast. It was fun. You need to go next year, it's worth it.