Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So Much To Post, So Little Time

I don't know about you, but when I have lots to do (or in this case, lots to post) I just start shutting down. I can't do anything at all! So in an effort to not totally shut down, I'm going to post here and there as I think of a few small things. There won't be any pictures for a while though because my camera battery charger is MIA. I'm pretty sure monkey #3 is responsible for this, but I don't have proof yet.

First off, happy birthday first to John David who celebrated his eight birthday last Tuesday! (Did I already mention that? I can't remember and I'm apparently too lazy to check previous posts.) I took him McDonald's for lunch and, at his request, we ate at IHOP for dinner. We took some pictures, but you won't be seeing them tonight (refer to paragraph one). Sorry.

Today is Julia's fifth birthday! Now that is just really hard to swallow. I made a deal with her last night that if she would stop growing, then I would give her more birthday presents. She agreed! Hmmmmm.....Do I really want a four year old Julia forever? Probably not. (refer to sidebar of this blog)

John David is currently flying the most annoying little ufo toy up to the balcony. Who buys my children these things???

At lunch on Sunday, the kids went up to the ice cream counter to order their dessert. John David had the money and was in charge of ordering. He ordered himself and his friend big waffle cones and then ordered Julia a small kiddie cone. When asked why he said, "Because little princesses don't need to get fat." No lie, that's what he said. I'm sure everyone there thought that's what we tell our girls. Great.......

The girls pooled some of their birthday money together to buy a Mrs. Goodbee doll house. What a wonderful toy for them to share! They have spent many hours already playing together just like little sisters should. I love watching them. It's the stuff sweet mommy dreams are made of.

Julia also got her first bike! It's a decked out Barbie bike and, although it still has training wheels, Julia thinks she is quite grown up. Pictures of that will come later.

We just finished up several days of visiting with all grandparents and what a whirlwind it's been! Of course the kids were in heaven since anything they could possibly want was given to them before they could even ask for it. Now it's back to reality as it's just us again. Their little bodies were surely in shock today as they heard "no" quite a bit. They would have heard it even more if it hadn't been Julia's birthday.

It's time to do some homework now so off I go.......


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl. She is growing up so fast!

    You do sound so busy! I do not see how you do it, I admire your strength and your dedication to your family, your amazing!!

    The snow has come here in Russia and we are enjoying it, trying to soak as much of it up as we can before we leave. It is actually quite lovely, watching the snow fall, I will miss it!

    Sending you big hugs from Russia - love - jen xx