Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Wichita Hillbillies

Yesterday, because of a painful back injury, it was decided that I needed to drive John to work 2 hours away. We also decided that we would take the two babies to stay with grandparents who live up that direction anyway. This was all a last minute thing and, as you can imagine, preparing to go on a trip with that many kids in about 20 minutes is not easy.

Let's see how many hillbilly-ish things we can boast about:
  • Aulora wore her (2 sizes too big) Dora night gown
  • Julia got dressed on her own and ended up wearing a black shirt missing a button which caused a gaping hole right in the middle of her chest
  • Joshua had no shoes or socks on (and he's finally walking and needs them)
  • I was wearing work clothes since I had planned on doing yard work all day
  • We went to Chickfila to wait for the grandparents to meet us. Aulora had to potty and I didn't know what to do with Joshua while I held her. I wheeled his high chair in the bathroom into the handicapped stall while she went. Was that clever or gross? I haven't decided.
  • Aulora pooped her pants (no diaper or pull-up on, by the way) in the top of the play area
  • Joshua made his way to the top and I had to go all the way up there to get him
  • Joshua grabbed my styrofoam sweet tea cup and made holes in the sides spilling the tee onto my lap and his
I'm pretty sure the workers were very glad to see us go. I don't know why though - we were only there for 2 hours......

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