Monday, May 04, 2009

Plunging My Life Away

I totally should have listened to the wise voice within my head yesterday, but the lazy side of me won out. Not to worry, the lazy side has been thoroughly kicked all last night and today because of it.

Aulora still uses her little training potty to do her "business" because that's just easier than me worrying about her falling in the toilet when I can't accompany her. For whatever reason, she put a wad of about 4 or 5 wipies (still nicely folded and unused) into her potty.

I would have just taken them out but they were then topped off with a couple rounds of "business", if you know what I mean. So I left them.

I left them in there and then dumped her potty junk into the toilet to flush.

Except it didn't flush.


I knew I shouldn't have dumped those stupid wipies into the toilet, but I was so tired and was just hoping that somehow they wouldn't clog the pipes (even though they are frequently clogged with much less).

I spent the rest of last night and all day today plunging that gross toilet every hour or so.

I poured draino in there, hoping that would help.

I was trying to achieve the delicate balance of good plunging and clean, non-splashing plunging (a very difficult task indeed).

Finally, after thousands and thousands of plunges, I heard that miraculous sound of water (and other business) swooshing through the pipes.

It was the best moment of my day....although, honestly, with the day I've had, it's no wonder. ;)

***Plungers really are not my friends. I still have nightmares about this episode. And remember that time Julia, well, did this???***


  1. I got a good laugh out of that Julia 2008 potty story all over again, when you suggested it for a read. I remember laughing out loud the first time I read it and then again today!!

  2. Well, one of my top dreaded things in life is overflowing/plunging toilets. It's up there with floor buffers and step ladders.