Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back To School Night (aka Open House)

Thursday was "Back to School Night" and the kids were SO excited about it. Every family was asked to bring a dessert so the evening started off with meeting other families and eating. It was night to talk to some other moms - I've yet to really make friends here yet so hopefully I didn't talk to much!

Julia adores Mrs. Jamie and I think the feeling is mutual. I teared up taking this picture because her teacher reminds me of my own kindergarten teacher. I remember being that age so clearly and look where I am now!

This is her seat for every day and she is busily working on a frame for a class picture.

This child loves, loves, loves school!

Julia was the student of the week and she had her own bulletin board in the lobby.

This is a picture she proudly made for the board.

I was able to get John David to stand still for a quick second with his teacher, Mrs. Nicks.

Daddy and John David worked together on a math project using candy corn. Julia just tried to eat it.

The 3rd graders were all excited about this math game they challenged their parents in.

His class had memorized two pretty lengthy poems that they recited for the parents. Of course, you could count on our son for some great animation and hand motions throughout the recitation.

Seriously though, he has really stepped out as a leader this year. I'm seeing things in him that I hadn't before. Glimmers of giftings and leadership that I somehow missed before. He is not a perfect student (behavior wise that is - grade wise he makes near perfect scores), but it's so neat to see how his character is being shaped. I'm thankful for a teacher who seems to also see these things in him. Instead of continually beating him over the head for every minor cut-up, she showers him with encouragement and pushes him to do better. She is a wonderful lady!

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