Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Has Fallen.....And There's A Lot of It!

John David's newest outdoor activity is raking leaves. He used to ask every day if he could ride his bike, but now he asks to rake the leaves. And that's all right with me because the amount of leaves in our yard is crazy.

I couldn't capture with my camera just how crazy so you'll have to trust me. Last weekend we had a few leaves scattered here and there but throughout the course of the week fall arrived in full force at our house! One tree went from being beautifully green to yellowish orange to almost completely bare in the last few days.

One cool thing about this city is that in the fall they come through with big trucks that have big sucking hoses (or so it's been described to me) and all you have to do is have your leaves raked to the curb. "All you have to do." Ha!

We've (and when I say "we've" I mostly mean "I") spent hours this week raking and my arms hate me right now. It's such a hard thing for a perfectionist to do though because once you've started you just want to get every single last leaf....which is impossible because even as you're raking it's "snowing" leaves.

You know what else I've realized? Our home's main source of privacy comes from the abundant landscaping - trees, bushes, and vines. Let's just say I saw the house behind us for the first time today - and I think we're about to be seeing a whole lot more of them. Which means they're about to be seeing a whole lot more of us!


  1. Love your leaves picture. I wish I had a kid that wanted to help that was actually old enough for it to BE help.

  2. YAY! I love the pictures! JD is soooooo huge! Burning my La candle today and missing the S-crew...

  3. Fantastic pictures! I can relate to all the leaves, we have a ton of trees in the front and back. Mostly pines so my problem is a million pine needles everywhere mixed in with leaves falling from our maple trees!

    Fall is here in Texas!