Friday, October 16, 2009

Craigslist to the Rescue

I didn't think I would find something this quick, but Craigslist is a powerful thing, my friends. Yesterday, I showed you my little sitting spot I created that needed some sort of table instead of the baskets I put there. That's just way too much wickery basket texture for one spot!

Last night this little vintage cabinet was posted. (It had a bigger, more attractive brother that I'm drooling over even now, but I've yet to think of a spot to put it.) The seller only wanted $15!

It's real wood and used to be used to hold record albums, she thought. I just love the idea of using things with character and history. So much better than a store bought side table - and a whole lot cheaper too! (Can you spot the 3 year old making faces in this picture?)

Here's the inside (that has not yet been cleaned). There are a lot of adjustable shelves inside. I'm not sure yet what I'll use the inside for. Suggestions? The obvious solution would be something shoe/sock/bookbag related, I guess. The cabinet definitely needs some love, but I like it just the way it is for now!

The picture I put on the shelf is a framed poem my dad gave me a few days before John and I got married. It's titled "First Times" and it's a tear jerker. I've never had just the right spot for it so I'm happy it finally has a home.

I can't resist just one more picture. Wait a minute....there's some sort of Star Wars guy in the shot! How in the world???

PS. I know the lamp is crooked. It's not the shade, but the whole stinkin' thing. I find it helps to tilt your head slightly when you look at it.

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