Monday, March 08, 2010

Homemade Burlap Curtains

When we moved in our house, I tried to use the curtains we already owned so John David's room got these. I never really liked them because they look kind of girly but they did their job decent enough.

I got to thinking though - what about burlap? It's cheap and rough and scratchy which equals boyish right?

So I used about one yard of burlap for each window. (Sorry there aren't more pictures - for some reason some of them were corrupted.) I used stitchwitch to hem up the sides and bottom and then used more stitchwitch to make the rod pocket at the top. Super easy.

I used some grosgrain ribbon I had to tie it up.

I added a big brown button with hot glue on each side.

I love the result and my 9 year old is happy to not have such girlish looking poofy curtains anymore!

Burlap is only $2.99 a yard at Hobby Lobby (Hancock's Fabrics carries burlap for $4.99 a yard). I used a 40% off coupon to bring it down to only $1.80 a yard (right? $1.80?)

I already had the ribbon on hand and of course the rods were already there. (Although the rods were only about $5 at Walmart if I remember correctly.)

The buttons were kind of a splurge at $2.50 each because I was impatient and didn't shop around.

Overall, not a bad price for restoring my son's manliness.

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  1. You are so conventional, making stuff out of nothing!
    I got my fabric from Beverly's Craft and Fabrics. It's much smaller than a Joann's or something and a little pricier, but the quality of everything they have is better too.
    I know it's a chain, but I think a small one, so I'm not sure if there's one near you.
    But ya definitely having fun being crafty!

  2. Definitely more boyish than before. I have boys too and understand.

    Looks great!!

  3. I think 40 is over the hill, when all your friends want to give a hard time. But I will tell you this, when I was like John David's age and MY dad turned 30. We threw him a surprise over the hill party, he hated it. Gravestone and all... :) Hope that doesn't happen to you. Happy almost Birthday!

  4. i LOVE these!! You did such a good job and they look wonderful! Found you through Twice Rem Cottage-so glad, because I'm definitely using that idea (hope that's okay) :) Come visit if you've got time. Have agreat friday!
    -shaunna :)