Monday, March 22, 2010

She Found a Loophole.....I Think We're in Trouble

John David: Julia, you need to stop holding hands with Preston.

Julia: I'm not! That is so over!

John David: Nuh-uh!

Julia: Yes it is!

My dad: Julia, when did that stop?

Julia: A long time ago. My dad told me that was against the rules and I couldn't hold hands with Preston anymore.

My dad: Oh. Okay.

Julia: I'll give you a million pieces of chocolate if you can keep a secret.

My dad: Okay, what?

Julia: Now I hold hands with Dalton.

John David: Julia!!! When Daddy said you couldn't hold hands he meant with ALL of the boys, NOT just Preston!

Julia couldn't come up with the million chocolates so my Dad had to spill the beans. Julia, you're so busted.......


  1. OMGoodness, that is hilarious!
    That're in trouble alright! :)