Friday, March 19, 2010

Turning 30

I'm happy to report that turning 30 has not instantly wrinkled me, crippled me, turned my hair all gray (key word being "all"), made me eligible for AARP, or put me on a black list for The Buckle. (I will say, however, that on the day of my birthday I walked into one of my favorite stores and noticed for the first time their sign that says they are a store for teens and 20 somethings. Hmmm....I felt kind of, uhm, illegal after that - like I had to avoid eye contact and not speak unless asked a direct question.)

My parents were able to fly in from Denver to spend the weekend with us which was a terrific bonus. Parents in town = presents, babysitting, good food, and shopping. And of course just getting to be with them!

My mom looks pretty good for someone with a 30 year old kid, right? (In case you're wondering, John and my mom have a particularly good relationship. Really, they do.)

I think my parents knew I needed a good distraction from the getting old part of my birthday because they got me the perfect thing - shopping money and babysitting! I had the whole day all to myself with money just burning through my pockets. Best. Birthday. EVER.

Because shopping is FUN.

And shopping with NO kids is more FUN.

And shopping with NO kids and lots of MONEY is the "mostest FUNNEST" thing in the whole world I can think of!

What did I buy?

First off, I've been so uncool in the purse department. I felt the need for a sophisticated bag to go with my new sophisticated age. Of course I headed to my beloved T.J. Max where I found this Jessica Simpson one (for way less than half its retail value, I might add).
I love everything about this bag. It has lots of compartments and pockets, a really cute floral print inside, and it can go with all colors so I don't have to feel bad about not matching. (Because it's not like I ever actually switch out bags if I don't.) After a full week of using it, I give Jessica Simpson purses two big thumbs up!

I also found a number of new tops at T.J. Max. They're waiting patiently in my closet for spring weather right now.

John met me at Olive Garden where we had lunch together and he gave me chocolate. And a very special card. And chocolate. Did I already say that? Chocolate? Oh yes, my man knows me well. He went with me to Best Buy where we found this Flip HD video camera for 1/3 off its normal asking price. I really wanted a way to record movies of the kids and so far I love it.

At Hobby Lobby I bought this entry table that I've been wanting. I like getting furniture at Goodwill or off Craigslist, but I haven't been able to find anything the right size for this space. Besides, I really like this table! (The wallpaper is coming down at some point, but not yet. I don't feel like it yet.)

I also found this frame and easel at Hob Lob. I'm especially fond of the picture that's in it right now. =)

Aren't these little birds so cute?

I found a sign to go above our coat hooks by the back door.

There was also some pretty new jewelry from Macy's and some new shoes from Kohl's. It was a full day! I came home at 5:00 to pick up the kids and my parents and we met up with John at Red Lobster for dinner. Afterward, we came back home where the kids had helped my mom make cupcakes earlier in the day.

My dad bought flowers and they decorated the dining room. (I think the picture taking becomes harder when there are so many kids to look after.)

Julia was disappointed there weren't 30 candles on the cupcakes. My mom finally convinced her that one for every 10 years was fine.

Blowing out the candles and officially turning "old".

Each of the kids got me a card. The princess one was from Julia. And the gift bag was packed full of new oven mitts, dish towels and wash rags, and candles from Target. How sad that these things excite me. =)

One more picture to prove that I don't look different (do I?) and to show off some of the new jewelry and the new sweater I bought. My mom said it was a good look for 30.

Thanks, Mom.

Thank you Mom and Dad for coming and making my day so special and fun. You've become champions of birthday celebrations in my book. I love you both!

Thank you Baby for loving me so much and buying me chocolate. You make me happy! Here's to my next 30 years with YOU!

And thank you babies for celebrating my day with me. My monkeys make everything more exciting (and noisy). My life is certainly full!

30 is great.....why did I wait so long?

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  1. that is a dang good 30th birthday! and you are a stunning 30-year-old. if i can look like you when i'm 30, i'll be 30 now! :)