Monday, December 06, 2010

Nugget Trumps Barney

I need to be leaving to run errands, BUT I'm procrastinating because it's cold and snowing outside and, while that may sound so beautiful and Christmas-y to those in the South, it doesn't work out so beautifully when you go out IN it with two little ones in tow. My van is working hard to drive on these roads, but it's a Texan at heart. Like us, he's not equipped for winter weather!!

I shoveled our very long driveway last night. And then I did it again this morning. It always looks so easy when you see other people doing it. It's not though. At least now I don't feel bad about not working out. (Or about all the baking I've been consuming.)

One of the things on my shopping list today is a Zhu-Zhu pet named "Nugget". It's for a birthday party gift. Who invented these Zhu-Zhu pets? I'd like to high five them because now, when our kids beg for a pet, I can give them a Zhu-Zhu pet and not feel bad at all. You want a pet? Here, have five!!!

When I was a kid I had a real hamster. I loved him until he bit the crud out of my finger and made me bleed. He probably wasn't too fond of me either since I remember him always trying to escape from his cage. He was successful a number of times and he lived in the back of our closets and ate our shoes. That was life with Barney the hamster until one day when my mom cleaned out his cage and left it out on the back porch to air out. Which was all fine and good except for the fact that the porch was in Arizona. Barney looked a little like one of the chicken strips from Chickfila after that. Poor Barney. RIP.

Okay, enough procrastinating. I'm going to look for Nugget......

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