Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thistleberry Farm Trip

On October 30th, my parents and I drove about 5 miles to a local farm to have some fun with the kids. It turned out to be the neatest place!

Warning: This is a picture heavy post!

My dad took about 5 different shots, but Aulora was doing something weird in every single one.

We were trying to leave, but the girls just kept wanting me to take pictures of them.

The big guys did a Disney movie trivia corn maze.

Joshua and the girls did a storybook maze. After this small sampling of a corn maze, I'm pretty sure I will never want to do a normal one. I'm afraid I would get lost and never find my way out. The kids enjoyed themselves though.

Patiently hunting down the bunnies.

Still hunting....

The concession stand was a very important part of the day.

Julia befriended a very sweet kitty.

Being 10 is very tough.

Joshua's very first maze.

I think we may have found a new yearly tradition! (As long as we live around here, anyway.) If you're a local and haven't gone, you should!


  1. This place looks fun. I can't believe how mature Julia is looking.

  2. Love all your pictures!! Wondered if you would allow us to use a few of them on our website and/or on some of our brochures. So glad your family had a fun visit to the farm. Thanks,
    Thistleberry Farm
    you can respond to info@thistleberryfarm.com