Monday, February 28, 2011

Power Nap? Energy Shake? That's Not What You Need.....

I've pondered for almost a week now how I could share this story about my oldest daughter. It's too funny not to tell but I know it requires tact.

Unfortunately for you, I have not been able to think up a tactful way to share.

I took the kids to McDonald's last week (gasp! I know - please don't post nasty comments) and the three younger ones had happy meals. The girls' prizes were some sort of fairy dolls (that were, sadly, much more blessed than me in certain ways) and they were quickly more interested in playing than eating.

John David and I were talking and stopped just in time to observe Julia touching her doll's, uhm, chest area. She was in her own little world talking and playing so she didn't see us watching her.

Of course, we wondered where this was headed and we weren't disappointed because the next thing she said was, "It's time to power up! Rub the b**bies" to get powered up!"

(I'm blushing now. Can you see me?)


  1. That girl....she never disappoints for an entertaining story! :)

  2. yup, i will definitely be trying this next time i'm falling asleep in class...thanks for the tip, Julia!!