Monday, February 07, 2011

Who Do You Say I Am

Aulora is very much potty trained and has been since she was 2. But little kids still need certain assistance when they go "big potty".

Today I was doing my part to help when Joshua came in the bathroom. He and Aulora had been playing pretend so I wasn't surprised when he asked her, "Who's this?" and pointed to me.

Aulora didn't skip a beat. With incredible grace (for someone who is in the middle of having their bottom wiped), she answered "Oh, she's just my servant."

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  1. It is okay. I live with an Emperor (Justice) and the King of Nothing (Grant) ...deemed King of course by the Emperor while riding on a flat cart at Sams while I was buying water with a friend. lol He constantly is telling people that is the Emperor and we have to do what he says...and yes we usually do because we are laughing too hard at what ever he comes up with to deny him. So while I sympathize with you being a servant.. I am right here in the drudgery of it all with you. ---Michelle