Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Don't Tell Daddy

I recently went upstairs to find my son wearing the biggest pink tutu you've ever seen. He was happy about it and not about to take it off. So of course I took a picture. Perhaps he thought the Buzz Lightyear pajamas offset the pink ruffles?

I suppose I won't get worried unless he starts asking to go to ballet class with Aulora....


  1. Baaaah Haaah! Thanks for the laugh!! I think my husband would flip.

  2. Ha! I bet he thought it'd make him more aerodynamic when he set off for infinity and beyond. I'm pretty sure ruffles catch a lot of air!

    La! it WAS totally you that told me that. And I also had tons of purple and gold stuff when i first got married (is that characteristic of 19-year-olds, maybe)? In fact, we had gold curtains with purple flowers on them the whole time we lived in San Angelo. I still cringe when i remember that. Greg was an excellent sport about it, too--though he recently confessed he is very glad our tastes are finally in sync ;) Because of you, though, I went in with eyes wide open, so I've always been incredibly grateful for you.