Friday, March 18, 2011

A VERY Belated Christmas Post

It's March and here's a post full of Christmas pictures. I did it on purpose so that the joy of Christmas could be stretched further into the year. Like, into spring even. You're welcome.

We celebrated Christmas at home with my side of the family (my parents, my grandma, and my brother) and then we all drove to Tulsa. We went to be with John's side of the family and my parents went so they could continue on into Dallas and Austin to be with family there. So yes, there is a picture or two of my family at John's family's house. Confused yet?

Pictures were taken here at our house, but my dad took them with his camera and I don't have them. (Dad? That's your cue!) Some more posts will come later on in the day with some videos.

If you are a grandparent then you will probably love this post. If you are anyone else, run! =)

Julia helped decorate the tree at home.

John David was mighty helpful too. (Until he went scissor happy wanting to "trim" the tree a little too much!)

John made "Bananas Foster" for our Christmas dessert.

He set each batch on fire as he brought it to the table. It was hard to capture that action!

All the babies loved on Mimi.

John David roasted some marshmallows in the fireplace on the back porch.

Every time we turned around Aulora was dancing in one of the living rooms. Dodie was dancing with her this time while Gran played the piano.

We had a birthday cake for Jesus. It was SO good! (and chocolate!) Thank you Jesus for being born! ;)

Julia worked hard with Aunt Kara on a gingerbread house. I think she was mostly busy eating it though.

Aulora has that look on her face because her mouth is stuffed with candy.

That's more like it.

There they are dancing again and this time Joshua is trying to join them.

On Christmas morning John David received a note to let him know that Santa was too lame to bring his present inside.

He ran outside and discovered his very own go kart!

Aulora got her first bike!

A family meal

Gran and D at the head of the table

Uncle Zach gave Aulora a Memory game.

Not sure of the reason for the kiss but it's still sweet.

Joshua was the first allowed to run in and see what Santa brought. He got a Buzz tricycle and a big dinosaur.

There's Aulora finding her bike.

Julia is always happy for another Webkinz and she also got the Tangled doll house.

Thanks Gran and D for my Christmas Barbie!

The girls were each given a new Madame Alexander doll.

John David had his new lego set built in no time.

Reece, one of the dogs, was busy inspecting Joshua's new things.

I should probably explain to Aulora the difference between a pretty laugh and an ugly laugh. ;)

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