Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Game Night

A couple of weekends ago we had a family game night.

It involved the lego gamed "Creationary"

some pizza

and some homemade "Maggie Moo" creations.

It was Joshua's turn to clean the table.

Basically, the game is like pictionary except you build things with legos instead of drawing a picture.

There were lots of snuggles and hugs.

I'm pretty sure that John David randomly chose to build something different several times during his turn. No wonder we couldn't guess the answer!

Daddy was very, very precise in his building. Like, annoyingly precise. ;)

On my turn I had to build a pyramid. At first I thought I had an easy one, but then I started. Legos are not for the faint of heart, dear friends. My little pyramid was surprisingly difficult. (Do not make fun of me until you have tried it.)

Here are some sweet sisters enjoying their ice cream.

Whipped cream anyone?

John David got more than he bargained for.

At least Julia knew it was coming!

Daddy had to show them how it's done.

Joshua wanted a turn too!

This is what Friday nights were made for.

(Well, that and staying up late to watch a movie after the kids are in bed because you know you can sleep late the next morning. That's pretty good too!)


  1. I love family night!...Recently, we have also discovered AWANA night. The kids go and since we don't have church on Sunday night we have two blissful hours for date night! I'm not sure which we love more;)

  2. What a fun game! We've been trying to make Sunday nights our family game night. Hasn't happened every week, but we're trying.